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Thread: Opinions?

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    Benjamin - nice name. I prefer in the middle, because I like Benjamin much more than Ben.
    Nathaniel - love, but again prefer in the middle. Love Nathaniel, Nate is just ok for me.
    August - love.
    Beckett - I really like this. Also love Bennett. Different feels yet similar.
    Jonas - I prefer Jonah, but nice.
    Adam - too bland for me, but strong nice name.
    Calvin/Kal - love Calvin. Cal is a great nn.
    Kai - love.
    Griffin - love. Nn Finn?
    Isaac - love.
    Noah - never been a big fan of this, but it's nice enough.

    Great names overall!
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    Benjamin - I like this because it is timeless, but not over-used. A strong choice.
    Nathaniel - I like it a little less than Benjamin. It seems more common too.
    August - I feel like most people like this name. It is more fun without being too feminine.
    Beckett - I like Samuel Beckett, but this name is getting a bit trendy.
    Jonas - I prefer Jonasy (pronounced the same, except with the "E" ending).
    Adam - I've met so many Adams that a few have ruined it for me.
    Calvin/Kal - Calvin is okay, but isn't very strong.
    Kai - I don't really like this, but to each her own.
    Griffin - Not a fan of this either.
    Isaac - I like this name. It isn't unusual, but it's nice all the same.
    Noah - I like this one too, but it has always seemed a little bit childish to me.

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    Benjamin - love the name Benjamin!
    Nathaniel - I prefer Nathan to Nathaniel, nn Nate
    August - Like August with the right Last name
    Beckett - New and original strong male name
    Jonas - reminds me of software company "Jonas"
    Adam - has always been a strong name, I like it
    Calvin/Kal - sorry, underwear models come to mind
    Kai - I have never met a Kai, but could be lovely with the right LN
    Griffin - I agree, Griff, Finn, are super cute nn for this, and the CSI links are wearing off
    Isaac - Family friend just named their son this, super cute!
    Noah - Love love love!

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    Benjamin - I love Benjamin! I love that it ages well and has tons of nicknames for all ages.
    Nathaniel - I've always disliked Nathan but I do quite lake Nathaniel and I love the NN Nate.
    August - Love! Augie is such a cute nickname too.
    Beckett - Not my style but it's okay. Getting a little trendy/popular now, I think.
    Jonas - This reminds me of the Jonas brothers a little too much. It's nice but I prefer Jonah.
    Adam - I've always liked it but not for myself, I'd love to meet a little Adam!
    Calvin/Kal - I like Calvin but I just think of Calvin Klein.
    Kai - I like Kai. NMS but it's still a lovely name.
    Griffin - I love Griffin! Finn is so cute.
    Isaac - Nice and classic, I love this. I've actually never met an Isaac, it mustnt be that popular here! I'd love to meet one.
    Noah - LOVE Noah! It's so handsome.
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