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    Isla - Love, love, love! Even though it's popular, I think this is such a refreshing name. Perhaps it's the island reference. I can see someone who likes Isla also liking Delphine or Delphina.
    Gemma - Cute, but not my favorite.
    Calla - Love! I'm a sucker for flower names, and I love the sleekness of Calla.
    Mila - I don't really care for Mila.
    Celia - I prefer Cecilia much more.
    Eve - Love! Simple and pretty.
    Vera - I don't care for Vera much either.
    Magda - I don't like this.
    Raina - Cute, but I think I like Rain better.
    Genevieve - Love! I like the variety of nicknames you can get.
    Jillian - Cute, but not my style.
    (updated 9/1/17)

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