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    My husband really likes the name Paul. I don't so much. Like the above poster, I love the story of the Apostle Paul. Growing up my favourite priest was Father Paul… but there is no way I could name my child Paul. Its an under used classic right now with lots of history. Ideally, I would love it. I adore David, its one of my son's middle names and its my father-in-laws name. I don't think its quite as uncommon these days as Paul- is that good or bad for you?

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    is a great name, in my opinion.

    And I even like Paulie as a private nickname.

    Somehow it seems to avoid seeming dated like Scott or other similar names. Maybe the Bibical street creds.

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    Paul is great. Sturdy, masculine, but unassuming.

    On a sidenote, my brother was adamant that had his daughter been a boy, the name would have been Paul after politician Ron Paul. Yeah...

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    I love the name Paul. I think it's more refreshing then David. I like that it's strong and classic but there won't be 3 other boys in the class with the same name.

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    I love Paul! It is a really handsome, strong name!

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