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    Name Help! Inducing Labor Soon!

    Hello, everyone. I am having labor induced next week and literally have zero ideas on a name. I have one son, Fritz. (full name is Friedrich William Percy C____ III). As you can see, he's the third one, so I didn't have to come up with his name. I am terrible at naming things, especially people. For the first while of my pregnancy, I procrastinated coming up with a name, and now I'm frantically searching. A good friend of mine recommended me here.

    Let me tell you a story. I was fifteen years old, my parents gave me a puppy for christmas. For three weeks, he had no name. My brother finally just told me to close my eyes, and whatever I saw first when I opened them, I could name the dog after. I saw a stapler. Crazy old Stapler was a good dog to us, my parents still have him. Stapler. So please, help me not name my child Stapler. lol.

    My husband is Friedrich William Percy C___ II, and his father the first, so I can't really steal a name from that side. My dad is Zam (yes, Zam. It rhymes with Ham.) and his father is Junior. Not really appealing. But better than Stapler. Lol. So family names are out.

    I am about as creative as a bush in the forrest, so...

    Hit me with anything and everything you have!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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