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    Critiquing my boys list

    Hi, berries. I am in no way pregnant or TTC at the moment, but I would love feedback on my lists. General feedback, imagery associated with the name, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. All of the middle names honor family and are unlikely to change. However, I'm open to rearranging the middles.

    Atticus- I love the literary connection, the strong, masculine sound, but the somewhat softer image it conjures up for me
    Dashiell- I absolutely love this name, it's one of my favorites. The only reservation I have about this name is the pronunciation. In my area, I hear it pronounced as dah-SHEEL (like Dashiell Hammett). I have also heard it said as dash-UL. Which is correct? Both?
    Jasper- I love softer names for boys, and this one in particular I feel fits the bill of "soft but masculine."

    Scott- My fathers middle name, however he always goes by Scott so I feel it would more directly honor him.
    John- My fathers first name is Jonathan and my grandfather was John.
    James- A name used by many on my fathers side of the family- I don't love it as a middle, it kind of feels like a "filler middle" to me.
    Jacob- My brothers name

    Some combos I've been tossing around...

    Atticus John- This is the only I middle I really like with Atticus, I don't love Scott with it because of the "tt" sounds in both names.
    Dashiell Scott, Dashiell John, Dashiell Jacob- I particularly love Dashiell Scott and Dashiell Jacob
    Jasper Scott- I don't love Jasper with a middle name begging with another "J"

    What are your thoughts?

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    = Love all three!

    = Love all of the middle names, even more so for family ties.

    Atticus John - This is by FAR my favorite!
    Dashiell Scott, Dashiell John, Dashiell Jacob - Dashiell Jacob is my fave, more possible nicknames, too. Dash, DJ, Jake etc.
    Jasper Scott - I agree with you on the JJ thing, Jasper Scott is super cute.
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    Atticus- I love it for literary reasons.
    Dashiell- not sure which pn is correct, but I much prefer dash-ul. 1000% prefer. I find is dashing (bad pun, sorry).
    Jasper- love. handsome. agree about the "soft but masculine" comment.

    John, James, Jacob- preferable to Scott, imho. I'm just a big fan of "traditional" names. I definitely wouldn't pair Scott with Atticus (s+s).

    Atticus John- very nice combo
    Dashiell Scott, Dashiell John, Dashiell Jacob- Dashiell Jacob would probably be my favorite (kind of depends on your last name in terms of flow).
    Jasper Scott- agree that Scott seems to be the only viable option if you want to use an honor name for a middle.

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    My favorite is Jasper, then Dashiell, then Atticus. But I like all 3.

    I like Atticus John, Dashiell Jacob, and I actually really like the alliteration of Jasper John and Jasper James.
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    I love all three first names and my favourite of your combos is Atticus John. I also actually like the alliteration of Jasper James--it's fun to say!

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