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    Do you prefer Asher or Archer?

    Emsky suggested switching our Liam Archer combo around to Archer Liam, we loved the idea (thank you, emsky). We equally love Asher Boone and Archer Liam, well Archer Boone is also being discussed. Do you prefer Asher or Archer?

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    Those were my top two choices for our boy's name before we found out if baby was a boy or girl.

    We went with Asher because we thought it sounded better with our middle name selection, which is a family name that wasn't going to change.
    But also, for us.. it came down to nicknames. I prefer Ash over Archie. I cannot stand the nn Archie, just not my style at all.

    Asher also fit with our older children's names, in style and just sound over Archer.
    I do love all the combos you have listed, though. Tough choice!
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    I've never been a fan of Asher, its nice just not my style, but Archer is very handsome
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    Asher's Biblical history trumps Archer the occupational/surname for me. Asher is an old name that sounds contemporary. Archer is a trendy name that may sound "old" soon enough.
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    I agree with Mischa - however, I do like Archer for the nn Arch.

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