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    Let's say she's Audrey....

    So maybe I'm trying to reinvent the wheel here- Dh and I both really like Audrey- when I told him I'd added it back to the list he jumped all over it.
    I have had trouble in the past with it's popularity, but know that it is classic and not a trend, so feel a bit better about that.
    I think it goes well in my sib set, though I have always felt it slightly heavier or less fun than Isla. So let's give her a lovely but maybe fun middle name!?

    A little problem is that we tend to favor family or meaningful mn- Hope was my mn and William was dh's mn and FILs name. But when I'm thinking of "fun" middles, I don't consider any of my family names to be terribly fun. Here is a list of family names that we can play around with, but let's also think outside the box and see if we can come up with something that makes our hearts flutter:-)

    *See other name ideas in siggy that could be used as mn

    Excited to see what you come up with!
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    Have you looked at Audra?
    I like Audrey Joy and Audrey Jean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xmintiex View Post
    Have you looked at Audra?
    I like Audrey Joy and Audrey Jean.
    I have, but shy away from 2 syll names ending in A feeling they are too similar to Isla.

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    I think Audrey sounds nice with Isla. I want to suggest Audrey Eliza or Audrey Elise. I think both would honor the Elizabeth in your family.
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    I'm watching Roman Holiday on Netflix to get pumped up about Audrey ;-)

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