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    Coral - Lots of people find this boring but I think of colourful coral reefs full of life and energy.
    Rosemary - We used this for our daughter. I like just plain Rose, but Rosemary to me has a little more personality.
    Sage - To me this name is full of wisdom and ritual, while being recognizable as well as soft and hearty.
    Saffron - Exotic, spicy, bold. I love this aside from the Firefly connection...
    Ruby - Ruby! Oh I adore Ruby. I always think of the cave of wonders in Aladdin. So juicy and bright!
    Tansy - To me this name is simple, clean, herbal, medicinal. Unexpected and delightful.
    Sorrel - Simple, sweet, lush herb that tastes like strawberries... What's not to love?
    Hazel - Beautiful, gnarled, honest, productive hazel trees! Delicious hazelnuts. I love it all.
    Juniper - Though I love the look & sound of it I always think of the "cat pee smell" juniper trees have.
    Lavender - Soothing, beautiful, fragrant, useful. Lavender is far and away my favourite herb.

    GP -
    Plum - It's just so Juicy, & punchy!
    Honey - Not one I would use but I love the homespun sweetness.
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    Lilac - So pretty and I love the quite harsh *lac* ending. It is a little sing-song.
    Autumn - Russett leaves on the ground, wellingtons in puddles.
    Meadow - just lovely. Simple, but stands out against Daisy and Rose
    Sky -I woudnt use it, its a bit of a gp of mine
    Marigold - wonderful nn potential
    Pepper - another gp
    Ginger - yey another gp
    Lorelei - just such whimsy
    Ivy - my favourite of the old lady names
    Misty - Im not even going to try and defend myself on this one because I know I cant.....
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    Blossom and Myrtle were my Grandmothers names! I love a lot of the names on this post!


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