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    I think it sounds fine, but I can see where you're coming from.

    Cotez is a really cool name on it's own I think.

    Do you have other options? Is he really set on it or open to other ideas?
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    I think it's a wonderful tradition! Of course I'm biased because I did the same using family surnames for two of my kids middles (Philippa Lee and Theodore Odell). Pippa's middle isn't so noticable because Lee is a first name and a surname. Teddy's middle however is an obvious surname. It's never been an issue. It was important to me that these names are carried on. My husband understood how meaningful it was to me and supported it. When we got married it was very important to him that I change my last name to his and all our kids have his last name. Now maybe that's common in many families but we both came from very non-traditional families where neither of us had our fathers names. I did it because it was so important to him. Just like he then went along with me really wanting to use family names as middles. I would say have a conversation with your husband about why it is important. But tread carefully in family names, it's a much more sensitive topic than just discussing which names you or your spouse like.
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    I love maiden names as middles! My brother has my grandma's maiden name as his middle. It's very German and obviously a last name but he loves it! No one has ever thought my parents weren't married because of it.
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    Both my dh and I have our mothers maiden names as middles and are planning on using my maiden name for our upcoming twins middles. All names are very clearly last names, but we've very rarely had an issue with people being confused thinking it was a double-barreled last name. I think it's a lovely way to honor someone in the family.

    Now, if you really don't like Cortez, that's another thing. But if it's just the maiden name, I think it's a non-issue.

    Good luck!

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    I agree with other posters. Using a maiden name in the middle is a lovely sentiment, and as middle names are generally rarely used, I don't think there will be an issue with people thinking you and your DH aren't married and your son has a double-barrel LN. I also think the PP's suggestion of giving your son two middle names isn't a bad idea. It is, in fact, what I did with my own boys. My ex and I were both very close to our maternal grandmothers, and chose to use their maiden names as second middles. D@lton Robert Turner S______ & Thom@s Br@dley Stiles S______ don't seem to mind at all, and I've never had an issue with people thinking they had two last names, even after their dad and I divorced.
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