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    I haven't started writing yet, but I have almost everything planned out for my story. Without Nameberry, I wouldn't have any of the names!
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    Well, I've posted the names in my new novel The Mortal Part to My Lists; I've written for nameberry and have used the international sites more than once. I also have to say that I've used Sherilyn Kenyon's wonderful book on character names as well. You can see the first two chapters of my novel on my web page at

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    renrose Guest
    I've added it to the list. I made an account there but the stories are still password protected?

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    I'm in the process of writing a book with my best friend and we need a name for a brother of Sophie(Sophia) and Lexie (Alexandra) .

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywriter167 View Post
    I'm in the process of writing a book with my best friend and we need a name for a brother of Sophie(Sophia) and Lexie (Alexandra) .
    You can start your own thread if you want help with names, Skywriter! If you check the 'help' thread tacked to the top of the forum you'll be able to see what sort of information we need to assist you

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    I don't post my stories on a blog, is it okay to copy and paste the first chapter onto this thread? I thought I'd better check.

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    Why not make your own thread with it? Then I'll add the address of the page to the list at the beginning so you can always find it.

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    If anyone's interested, the story I wrote last November is starting to go online! I didn't ask for help here for this particular story, but I did browse Nameberry for inspiration quite a few times. I have it set so a chapter goes up each day. It should be up in its entirety by August. It's pretty much just draft 1, with only minor edits, but I still wanted to share, so here it is!
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    I got some surname help here, back around March... trouble is, although I finished the game, I wound up not using anyone's advice, on account of I eventually left the characters' surnames out altogether. In fact, in the final build I let the player decide what they'd like to call each character, so not even the first names stuck in the end. I kinda feel like it'd be inappropriate to take advantage of this thread, under those circumstances! ^^;

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    Hey Renrose, I've just started a blog, not much on it so far but it's a start! I have written a lot more but it's not in a fit state to share at the moment.

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