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    I don't know if you have seen "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind," but the female lead in the movie is named Clementine. Watching that movie and seeing the name in use may help you decide whether or not if you like that name. Just to let you know, the Clementine in the movie is a little eccentric, but is played by Kate Winslet.

    Personally, I love the name Clementine.
    This is actually what drew me to the name in the first place! It's my favorite movie and I love Kate Winslet's character and have loved the name since I first saw it when it first came out!

    And again, thanks to everyone who has commented. I'm feeling really good about the name Clementine Clare now and we've announced to everyone that this is indeed her name!

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    Yay!! Congrats.

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    Congratulations! I absolutely love love LOVE Clementine Clare! Clementine has always been one of my favourites, and pairing it with Clare is just perfect. Again, congratulations on a beautiful name
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