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    I'm sorry you're having indecision! It can go either way - you're going to love it in a few days' time, or you won't, right? I know - that's not good advice. Basically, I think you have to go with your gut here. Are you feeling like you just can't see baby girl as Clementine? Do you feel weird saying it to her, to other people? If you had to call someone up right now and introduce baby, would you be excited to say that she was called Clementine Clare, or would a part of you wonder if it was right? If you're feeling off about those things, I'd be inclined to suggest you change baby's name. If you aren't feeling those things, or if they're pushed down by generally positive thoughts about baby's name, I'd stick with it!

    One idea? Use Clara Clementine! Clara has the same vintage softness of Miss Violet's name, while Clementine has the spunky comfy feeling of Mae. She can go by Clare or Clara, or even Cece!

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    Clementine Clare is gorgeous, and sounds brilliant with Violet.

    Honestly I'd just try not to think about it. Just tell yourself that your beautiful daughter has a beautiful name, and that it's Clementine. As she gets older you'll totally forget you ever considered Eloise.

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    I think it's great! I didn't call my daughter by anything but Honey Baloo for the first few months! The great thing about Clementine Clare is that she could easily be CC or Minnie or Tiny while she grows into Clementine.

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    I went through this too-- no name for baby boy for 7 days and then when we finally decided I second guessed myself for months! Now I can't imagine him with the other names I had wanted to change his name to. Every now and then someone will be snarky about his name and for a heartbeat I worry-- then I know it'll be fine and they need to channel their name issues elsewhere!
    Clementine is sweet, and with today's name I really don't think she'll have an issue. I know kids named Journey, Serenity, several Hazel's, Juniper, Tallulah, Aviva, Yael, Annalie, Luella....she'll fit right in!
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    Clementine is gorgeous. Don't stress, you have a well named baby girl. She can always go by the mainstream nn of Emmy if you are concerned of teasing when she is young.
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