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    Thinking of changing baby's name. Advice needed

    I am so annoyed with myself!!

    Our second baby girl was born on Tuesday and we had brought her home, nameless. We narrowed our choices down to Clementine Clare and Eloise Pearl, sister to Violet Mae.

    Husband was for either name, but preferred Clementine Clare, as Clementine has been a long time favorite of ours. The more I looked at Eloise Pearl, the more I liked it. While sitting in the parking lot getting ready to turn the BC in, I decided to text my mom and asked what she thought. Surprisingly, she liked Clementine, so I felt like that was enough validation for me and we went with that.

    The very moment I signed, I felt a little regret. Ans now I'm second guessing myself all over again!!! I did feel this way with our first baby for about a week or so, and now of course, can't picture her by any other name.

    I just feel like I'm going to go crazy! I feel like I'm having a hard time calling her Clementine. I'm having all these thoughts of kids teasing her with the song, the little oranges, etc., and its making me feel a little sad.

    Am I overthinking this or are my worries legit? Another thing that bothers me is we consciously gave her the middle name "Clare" because it's more "normal" and she could choose to use it if she hated her first name... as of we are setting her up or expecting her to hate her own name. (We also really like the middle name and how it sounds together.)

    I love Eloise Pearl, as well, but know she will be called Ellie by everyone. I don't mind the nickname, but I know she'll be among several Ellie's and Ella's. And I feel like I'd be just "playing it safe" by choosing Eloise.

    Ughh... well any advice would be much appreciated. Should we stick with Clementine or go with Eloise?

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    I think Clementine is an absolutely beautiful name - you don't need to worry, you'll love it in no time, and Violet & Clementine sound absolutely gorgeous together. Enjoy your bundle of joy and don't fret about the name - it's perfect as it is!

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    Love, love, love Clementine! And Eloise makes me think of 'Helpful Hints' or something Martha Stewart-like. You can be confident about Clementine--it's fresh, distinctive and lovely!

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    It is a lovely name! Get some rest mama!

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    I think Clementine is beautiful. And Clementine and Violet make adorable sisters
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