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    I like Jem as well, I don't find it feminine. Jeremiah, James, and Jeremy are a few names that come to mind.

    Happy to hear of a mother being so supportive, and a big congratulations for raising such a confident, happy young child that can come to you with anything knowing they'll have your full support and love. Obviously you're doing this whole parenting thing right
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    LOVE Jem for a boy!

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    switch from Jemima:
    Boy/unisex choices...
    Jem sounds like an androgynous name so this is doable as long as he likes it
    Jamison uses some of the same letters Jemima does, and it is handsome and could still use Jem as his nn.
    Wish everyone had parents as supportive as you!
    Other options:
    Jay, Jayce/Jayse or Ace

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    Thank you for the support and suggestions. I do want to respond to the obvious, that Jemima needs to choose his/her name. We are in transition, despite Jemima's complete consistency identifying as a boy ever since she could speak. We never refer to her as a girl; that clearly makes her upset. She only where boy clothes and has boy hair and more than "passes." She could easily go stealth, as they say, and no one would know the difference.

    But oddly, Jemima loves her name and as much as her siblings and father and I have encouraged her to choose another, she claims "Jemima is sometimes a girl name and sometimes a boy name." She hasn't asked us to change her pronoun yet, but clearly likes it when people refer to her as he/him. I think her feminine name makes it more difficult for us to make the switch. None of it really matters much, but it is confusing in public sometimes. Who cares, I know, this is minimal on the path of what this will mean for Jem/James/? in the future.

    It is confusing and their aren't many models of children this age transitioning and open-minded parents negotiating the shift. I don't want to get ahead of him/her and I don't want to get in the way by still using "her." Our language is limited. I wish I had just named her Frances!

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    BTW--Jeremy would be an easy switch, but J's close cousin is already Jeremy. Jed? Too country? Or could one just be "J" or too rock star weird.

    Maybe none of this matters until child is ready to choose. Aarrghh.

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