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    What is the male equivalent of Elisabeth?

    Something utterly classic, a bit softer than the traditional spelling (Elizabeth), but also with a bit of international flair (Elisabeth is the French and German form of Elizabeth).

    I've been trying to find a combo for months for Boaz "Beau", and I don't want something BORING, but anything traditional and completely classic seems a bit boring. I want something pretty normal, because Boaz is pretty out there, but not bore-you-to-death boring. I've tossed around Boaz Frederick, Boaz Benjamin, Boaz Atticus, etc., in the past, but I feel like they're all not quite right. I feel like I need something softer, to combat that harsh "Z" ending, but also something pretty mainstream, to balance out Boaz's quirky unusualness. I'm always seem to opt for Elisabeth on my girls' list for those combos that nothing ever seems right with, and they seem perfect. What would Elisabeth's male alternative be?

    (Note: I'm not looking for a male sound-alike version of Elisabeth. Just something that shares a lot of the same characteristics.)

    Also, since Boaz is so obviously Hebrew/Biblical, I'm hoping to avoid another Biblical middle, although I have seriously tossed around Noah and Peter as second middles...

    Thanks, ladies!
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    i love Boaz and could see it paired with
    Boaz Charles
    Boaz Henry
    Boaz Marshall
    Boaz Ulysses

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    Well, I guess that leaves out Boaz Eli, which popped into my head after reading your post. Others I can think of:
    Maybe Elias?
    I'm thinking Davis.
    I like Milan in the middle spot there.
    Michael--don't know if that's too Hebrew for what you're looking for, but it does sound nice.
    I don't know why, but I'm thinking Rhodri?
    Maybe Winston?

    Anyway, good luck!

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    When I think of Elizabeth I think of these points:

    1. Traditional.
    2. Translates into lots of languages.
    3. A shed load of nicknames.

    The boy name equivalent that springs to mind is William as it fulfils all three categories. Perhaps Willem?

    ★ August Eli Benedict ★ Bram ★ Casimir Mordecai ★ Edmond John Meirion ★ Gillon ★
    ★ Jory Leander ★ Julian Charles ★ Macsen ★ Magnus ★ Vasiliy ★


    ★ Aira Rose ★ Arietta ★ Clover ★ Delphina ★ Eleni ★ Fiorella ★ Hester Isobel ★
    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

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