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    Any suggestions for my girls' list?

    Hi guys,

    Recently I've been trying to improve my girls' list. But I haven't found a lot of names that really stick out to me yet. My favorites (in order of favorite to least favorite) are: Jinhuan (nn Jinny), Petra (pronounced PAY-truh), Fable (nn Faye), Briar, Coraline (nn Coralie), Celeste, James
    (nn Jamie), Willow (nn Willa), Zelda, Kyra, Aspen (nn Penny), Emmelyn, Twyla, Lani, Bree, Clementine, Colleen, Tabitha, Ellis, Carmen, Everly
    (nn Ev or Ever), Ravenna (nn Raven), Minerva, Laurel, Mabel, Amber, Eponine, Myrtle, Luna, Nova, Ruth (nn Rue) and Honor.
    In general, I'm not a big fan of word names or yoo-neek spellings. Names like Fable, Honor, and Jinhuan are exceptions because they have a nostalgic reference. I like nature names (ex. Briar, Willow, Amber, Myrtle, Aspen, Raven, Laurel, Rue, and Clementine). Unisex, masculine sounding, and boy names for girls are sometimes desirable. My most recent additions to my list are Petra, Briar, Celeste, Aspen, and Bree. Do you have any suggestions?

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    Laurel - love this one
    Luna - beautiful
    Nova - one of my favorites! great name!
    Ruth (nn Rue) - love it!
    Twyla - I kinda like this one, it's so refreshing
    Tabitha - I like this one. It's a pretty and uncommon name
    Everly (nn Ev or Ever) - this is one of my guilty pleasures, I love it even though it's rather trendy
    Ravenna (nn Raven) - I really like it
    Willow (nn Willa) - I like this, it's very pretty

    Petra (pronounced PAY-truh) - Petra is pronounced peht-ruh in English, trying to force another pronunciation will be an uphill battle in the US at least. I know it's pronounced like that with a lovely Spanish accent but most people will not say it like that. It is a gorgeous name though
    Coraline (nn Coralie) - I like Coraline and I like Coralie, but I feel like they're both stand alone names.
    James (nn Jamie) - please don't use James for a girl, it's not cute
    Aspen (nn Penny) - I really want to like this one but all I can hear is "ass pen" (like an enclosure for donkeys)
    Emmelyn - Sorry, but this is the definition of trendy to me. Emily with lyn tacked on the end and spelled wrong.

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    Im not sure how to pronounce Jinhuan, and I dislike the name Petra. Fable is ok, probably better as a middle name. Briar is cute, and so is Coraline, however I really dont think Coralie works as a suitable nn. Its one letter shorter. How about cora, or cory? Maybe even Coral? Celeste is pretty, I like Celestia too. Not a fan of James at all for a little girl. I love Willow, and Willa, but again, theyre seperate names. I like Zelda and Kyra. Aspen is adorable. Have you thought about Waverly? It means meadow of quivering aspens. ^.^ Not a fan of Emmelyn, but I do like Twyla. And Stella, and maybe even Starla. Lani and Bree sound more like nn than full names. What about Leilani? Clementine has always been a love of mine, its so vintage and adorable. Colleen seems dated to me for some reason. Tabitha is cute. I have a cousin named Tabitha Dorothy. Not a fan of Ellis or Carmen at all. How about Ellery? Everly is cute. I do like Ravenna, and Raven, as seperate names. Really dislike Minerva, and I see a lot of teasing potential there. Laurel is cute, which brings me to Daphne, which means laurel! I love Daphne. Mabel is cute, and really country chic. I love Amabel too. Amber, Eponine, and Myrtle are nms. Ember sounds a lot fresher than Amber. How about Eulalie? I have a soft spot for Luna, but due to recent happenings, I dont know if Id ever have the guts to use it now. Nova has been on my list for years, as a nn for Novalee. Ruth is cute, and Rue is an adorable nn. I love Honor, its one of the few virtue names I really like. I have a few suggestions you might like: Elowen, Astrid, Estella, Soleil, Seren,Lucy, Emberly, Rowenna, Ginevra, Geneva, Genevieve, Evelyn, Evangeline, Mavis.
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    From your list I like Coralie (on its own), Celeste, Willa (on its own), Laurel, and sorta Ruth.

    Came to mind...
    Zorah (since you like Zelda)
    Remy (though I prefer on a boy)

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