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    Indira is so lovely, maybe it is the combo?

    Indira Joy
    Indira Marisol
    Indira Christobal
    Indira Ray
    Indira Silver
    Indira Coral

    Or for the time of year.....
    Indira Holly, Mistle, Carol, Snow, Santa

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    I like both names its just not ringing like I keep hoping it will.

    We would love to keep something recognizable for the middle, something with an earthy natural herbal vibe. And preferably something that our daughter could easily go by if she decides she doesn't want to go by her first name. I think Sage fits the bill. Some of my other favourites for middles are Saffron & Coral (and Honey & Lavender though my husband hates those two). I think Sage or Coral would be the most "usable" for the real world if she decides to go by her middle name.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep them coming if you can think of more.

    I especially like some of the suggestions - Anya, Elowen (I actually had a dream that we used this one), Ianthe, Eisa, all the Gwen/Gwyn suggestions (Corey's grandmother's name is Gwen & he loves family names), Mazarine, Inara (though DH has basically Veto'd that), & Zafira. I'll run them by him & hopefully add some of these to the list to take to the hospital.

    My husband would definitely go for Niobe! Total Matrix nerd. I don't think I prefer it over Indira though. Also, Sessha I adore Juliet Marillier, just not the name Sorcha. The Sevenwaters series is one of my go-to's (I especially love Son of the Shadows). And Nice suggestion of Sabriel! Love me some Garth Nix!

    Thunderbolt - isn't that a horrible feeling? I'm so glad I didn't feel that way with my first - and I'm really hoping the sky opens up for us and the perfect name comes down on a sunbeam... but starting to feel like that is not going to happen this time.
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    I don't have any children of my own, but I've heard plenty of stories where the parents didn't have a name (totally) picked out and as soon as they saw the baby's darling face, they knew instinctively.... maybe, as with the birthdate, this child is telling you she wants to be adventuresome, spontaneous and unplanned!!

    I know this doesn't help your nerves, but honestly, too much worry never helped anyone ever!

    How about something along the lines of Coral, but matches Rosemary a bit better? ---> Indira Coralie, Indira Coraline

    or Indira Merrily (tho that might be a bit much)?
    or even Indira Hazel?
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    Oh my gosh, Elowen Sage would be gorgeous!
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    Swoon! Ditto above, Elowen Sage is breathtaking. I also love Indira, but I think perhaps Elowen is meant to be! She came to you in a dream, and now she's coming into the world early! Beautiful. <3
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