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    Arnold: Is It Just Me?

    I am currently in love with many old-fashioned male names that start with the letter A.

    Arthur, Alfred, Alaric, Alastair, Amos, even Albert I love.

    But Arnold... Arnold I loathe. It actually makes my skin crawl (no offense meant to any Arnolds out there).

    It can't be because it's nerdy or clunky, because those names charm me.

    Benedict Arnold may influence me as may Arnold Zeck, Nero Wolfe's arch nemesis.

    I might be put off by that unattractive boy in college, though as I remember his name was as much a turn-off as his teeth.

    Maybe it has to do with the word sounding or looking like gnarled, gnarly. Or the -nold or -old ending, but I even appreciate Theobold, not exactly a hip young name.

    I'm curious how others feel about Arnold (Arnie, another count against it), especially those like me who do enjoy many of the other clunky, nostalgic A male names.

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    I really like all the other names you mentioned, but I have to agree Arnold doesn't sound right. Although I do like Arnie, it has a ring to it.
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    Dusty A names...

    ...I love Ambrose, Alastair, Amos, and August. I even love Alan, which is in old-but-not-old-enough-to-be-cool for a lot of people.

    Ar- names...

    ...I love Ari and Arturo, Arthur, Aryeh, & yes even Ariel on a boy.

    But Arnold is very difficult to like. I liked an Arnold in the family (old man, WWII vet) very much, cool guy, but since there's a condition under which I've promised to name after him, I'm glad that in naming after him that my family usually initial-matches, and that his religious name was a form of Aaron. Aaron/Aron/Arun/Aharon is easier for me to deal with, I'm not sure why. Though I guess "less clunky than Arnold" is not a high bar?

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    I love all the other names you list, but Arnold just sounds very unattractive to me. All I can see when I hear the name is Hey Arnold! I did love the show, but the name is ugly.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Yeah, I can't stand the name Arnold either. It doesn't sound attractive. I think of Schwarzenegger first, and then Benedict Arnold, neither of which is a positive association. I also did think of Hey Arnold!, which was a cute show, but then I just think of Helga's nickname for Arnold, "football head," which kills it even more.

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