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    Can't Agree/Decide with only 2 weeks left! Pls help!!

    Ava Grace (husbands choice)
    Aivleen Grace ( my original choice)
    Margaret Grace ( my compromise suggestion??)

    Here is the deal:

    My husband is fixated and in love with the name Ava Grace. I agree it is beautiful, but both names are SO popular and there are many many many Ava's being born these days. I don't want our daughter to sit in a classroom with 3 other girls w/ same name!

    I liked "Aivleen Grace" or "Aveleen Grace" (proper Irish spelling would be Aibhilin but that is just too difficult). Come to find out, husband does not care for that at all. With two weeks to delivery, I find I don't have the courage of my convictions to fight for it..

    I also thought I was compromising by using his suggestion of middle name (Grace) but it makes no difference, he loves Ava as a name.

    So I came up with "Margaret Grace" double name (our moms are both Margaret ) as a totally different option... But I doubt myself on all of this please help !!! I don't even know HOW one decides!!
    It took me 4 days to name our son and even after that we sort of changed/ got rid of his nickname .. I have a bad track record!!!

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    Ava Grace is my favorite. Margaret Grace just doesn't flow properly, and I don't like Aivleen spelled that way.

    What about doing something like Avaline or Avaleen and using Ava as a nickname? That way he gets his preferred name, but she still has the option of using her full name if she'd rather not be just another Ava.

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    Aivleen spelling look weird to my eye. My daughters middle name is Aveline (aveh-Leen). I also like the suggestion of Avaleen and using Ava as the nickname. Your concerns about Ava are legitimate in my daughter school there are 2 kinder classes both have 2 'Ava's' in each and an Eva in the classes as well.

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    I prefer Ava Grace. I also adore Maggie Grace, Margot/ Margaux Grace/ Marguerite Grace or Meg/ Megan Grace.

    However, I've just rediscovered an old favorite of mine which you might love too....(drumroll)....

    M E R R I V A L E!!!

    I 'm enthralled by this name....presently, I'm considering it for a middle and first name too...not sure if you'll like it...

    All the best!
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    Thank you for your support and input!

    I also like the suggestion of Avaline or Avaleen or maybe Aveleen and using Ava as a nickname.

    At one point He (husband) said he has a problem with the "een" part but then I pointed out that Colleen and Eileen are names with the same "een" ending.

    I just wish I didn't second guess myself is all if it.
    Again, thank you for your comments!!!

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