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    My Top Six Girls: Honest Opinions

    I've went through complete make over for my girls list and got rid of some names that I couldn't see myself using. I've finally narrowed down to my top six.

    Could you guys tell me your opinions of what is left of my girls list?


    Any combinations for middles for Katarina and Beatrice would be helpful.

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    I love all your names!
    Middles for Beatrice:
    Beatrice Willow
    Beatrice Joy
    Beatrice Georgia
    Beatrice Matilda
    Beatrice Helena
    I love Katarina but I'm biased because it's my name. I prefer it spelt Katerina (because that's how I spell it)
    I always loved these middles:
    Katarina Lucy
    Katarina Rose
    Katarina Amelie
    Katarina Eleanor
    Hope this helps!
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    Rosemary- This is one of my favorite names, but my last name's first syllable is pronounced Rose, so it can't work for me. I mourn this name and Ramona as well! I think that it can be playful and young but ages so gracefully and is so refined. A great choice!
    Caroline- Very pretty and classic, but it's never thrilled me. It does have a clean, preppy, sailboatish feel to me. I think Kennedy.
    Hazel- It's cute and nice enough. I think if I was going to pick a name for the child of hipster parents in a novel or something I would pick Hazel, I don't know if that's a pro or a con to you. I think of this name the way that I thought of Ruby 10ish years ago if that makes sense.
    Beatrice- I love this name! It's a family name for me and I will probably use it at least as a middle. I think of it the same way that I think of Rosemary. It feels strong to me, not a floaty airy name, a solid one, but still plenty feminine.
    Madeleine- Pretty, but doesn't thrill me. A lot like Caroline for me, but I like Caroline a lot more.
    Katarina- I don't really care for this one as much as the others. It feels a bit sharp. It's great in the middle with Beatrice or Rosemary

    Beatrice Jude
    Beatrice Leonie
    Beatrice Aboline
    Beatrice Bernadette
    Beatrice Calliope
    Beatrice Delphine
    Beatrice Galina
    Beatrice Ines
    Beatrice Althea
    Beatrice Laurel
    Beatrice Morgan
    Beatrice Marielle
    Beatrice Penelope
    Beatrice Rosemary
    Beatrice Rose
    Beatrice Susanne
    Beatrice Shoshanna
    Beatrice Tamar
    Beatrice Vivian
    Beatrice Violet
    Beatrice Wilhelmina

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    Caroline is probably my favorite out of your list. Beatrice is second. Caroline Hazel is a beautiful combo!
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