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    Your Thoughts On My Current List?

    Hey Berries,

    Yesterday, I made a top 3 for the boys, and a top 5 for the girls. I haven't been able to get past a top 3 for each gender for so long! I am one of those people who only puts a name on the favourites list if they really, REALLY love it, so this was pretty tricky!

    I am rather eager to hear your though on my list. It's still a bit topsy-turvy, the combos are exactly perfect, but I am falling in love with each name even more, and that's a good sign.

    1. Julian Darcy
    2. Oliver Robin
    3. Henry Meredith

    1. Audrey Plum
    2. Rhoda Sylvie/Sylvana
    3. Enid Ffion
    4. Marian Esmeralda
    5. Orlaith Fern*

    *yeah, I know Orlaith (Or-lah) doesn't really fit in. It's my favourite Irish name though, and I feel like I cant drop it just yet, not until I find a name I like even more.

    NOTE: I am not expecting, just collecting name gems for the future.

    Thank you!

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    My favorite names from your list are Henry and Sylvie. My top 2 combos are Julian Darcy and Audrey Plum.

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    I love love Audrey Plum! My favorite boys name from your list is Henry Meredith but I like Henry with your middle name Robin a lot.

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    1. Julian Darcy - so very handsome. My first thought is Mr. Darcy.
    2. Oliver Robin - I love Oliver, but I'm not keen on Robin. The flow is nice though despite the -r ending and the R- beginning.
    3. Henry Meredith - Henry is gorgeous, but Meredith is all female to me.

    1. Audrey Plum - Gorgeous.
    2. Rhoda Sylvie/Sylvana - I don't like Rhoda, but Sylvie and Sylvana are lovely.
    3. Enid Ffion - Not a big fan of Enid, Ffion is nice. Flow is unusual, but I like it.
    4. Marian Esmeralda - Gorgeous.
    5. Orlaith Fern* - So pretty. I usually prefer original spellings, but in this case I prefer the Orla spelling.
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    Julian Darcy - I really like how these sounds together and in so happy to see someone considering Darcy for a boy in this age.

    Oliver Robin - I only don't like the double r, but I don't think it's really a problem. You don't say the middle name too often.

    Henry Meredith - Henry isn't my style, but it's a lovely combination.

    Audrey Plum - Audrey is classic, and I love how Plum lightens it.

    Rhoda Sylvie/Sylvana - I like Rhoda Sylvie better.

    Enid Ffion - Gorgeous! My favorite on your list!

    Marian Esmeralda - This name feels like it had a great story behind it. I think that's a great feeling to have, even if it doesn't.

    Orlaith Fern - Very pretty look and sound.
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