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    Our firstborn daughter has arrived!

    Hey there berries!

    We welcomed Magnolia Irene into the world on 12-12-13.

    Nameberry gets a lot of credit for her name, as at various points in the pregnancy, I was pretty obsessed with the site and forums. Magnolia Irene was our front-runner girl's name from maybe as early as 3 mnths of pregnancy. But, we were team green, and she is our first of hopefully a few more kids, so I was here a lot to figure out boy names, think about future sibling name compatibility, etc. Also, I'm a definite over-analyzer, so I started a few threads all about whether or not we should REALLY use Magnolia.

    But we did.
    Here's the "name story':

    Close friends had tossed around using Magnolia as a mn when pregnant with their first daughter 2 years ago. They didn't end up using it, but that was the first time I heard it as a name. (BTW, we are not name thieves--I asked for their permission to use Magnolia, even though they've had 2 daughters since this time and haven't used it either time they had the opportunity!) I think that's true for DH as well, though he doesn't remember getting the idea from these friends. Once we found out we were pregnant and started talking names, DH actually brought it up as a possibility. I tend to be the one who likes old-fashioned, classic, vintage, funkier, and/or German names, and had mentioned a few M names like Margot, Margaret, Maisie, Mathilda, Mirabel,Miriam. DH was more or less open to some of those, but would always just say "I like Magnolia" when the name topic came up.

    My main hang-up about Magnolia as first was that it seemed "too Southern," and, while we live in northern FL, neither of us are born-and-bred Southerners. However, DH loves the Magnolia trees that grow here, both the classic large white ones, and the ornamental pink/purple Japanese magnolias. We also love that it's a connection to our home community. We currently live overseas and plan to continue to for much of our daughter's early life, so it's sweet to have a visible reminder for grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

    Once I got over the too Southern issue, I realized Magnolia is everything I wanted in a name: 1. unusual to hear as a name, yet a recognizable word, especially in our area, and no weird spelling issues 2. a vintage name (it was on the SS charts 1880-1940), 3. a long name with a lot of nn possibilities, 4. very feminine and yet not too frou-frou, 5. a strong "o" sound (I had been drawn to names with this) and an M name (the letter I had most been drawn to for girl's names) 6. a beautiful, natural image (I love that Magnolias are beautiful, yet big and tough and strong, not a dainty tree/flower)...etc

    Irene is my Mom's fn. At some point, we decided we wanted to use our parents' names as mns. Since our kids will have DH's last name, we agreed it was fair to use my parents' names first for mn. (So, our top boy's names had my dad's name for mn.) And, since DH was really wanting Magnolia, I think it was easier to convince him about my preference for mn! Irene also sounded a lot better with Magnolia than Deborah (the MIL's name). I also love that Irene means peace, that it is a classic/vintage name that fits the feel of Magnolia. And I thought the flow was good with Magnolia Irene Van S__ ___ (2 syllables in S__ __).

    But all of that is bonus, because it was mainly about honoring my mom. Also, one of my sister has Irene as mn, so we've sort of started a family name tradition at this point...

    Oh, and nns: DH is funny and DOESN'T like Maggie, which is the most obviously nn option, to me. He prefers just May. We're also open to Noli and Nolia (though they're a little uncomfortably close to the nn for a local sports team!) and even Lia. And, one we didn't even think of, but my little brother started after she was born, is Magno, which may be the current popular choice in our family! Sounds like a superhero or comic book supervillain, but somehow oddly adorable for a tiny girl. Pre-birth, I thought I might use "Maisie," but it hasn't seemed right to me so far. I think it feels too far removed from the actual sounds of her name, unlike May, Magno, Noli, Lia...

    Side note about being Team Green: I always had a feeling she was a girl. Also, our name was pretty much set since 4 months (though occasionally we came back to reevaluate thru-out pregnancy), whereas we were still debating about the boy's name up to the birth. Nice how that worked out!

    SO. That's the full naming story. You are welcome in my over-analysis club if you actually read it all.

    ETA: An important part of the story I forgot to include! Just 5 days before Magnolia's birth, I was in a car accident. The other driver ran a red light and hit us as we were going through the intersection of Park St and Magnolia St. Seriously. The car was totaled, but, providentially, we were all unscathed. If the timing had been a fraction of a second different, we could have seriously injured, based on where the impact happened and how fast the other car was going. We were already planning on the name Magnolia if we had a girl, and I didn't think too much about it at the time. But when I texted the helpful lady who had witnessed the accident to let her know we had Magnolia, she asked if we named her after that spot of the accident! We didn't, but to me it is a wonderful reminder that God was watching over us and protecting our daughter through dangerous circumstances, even before her birth!

    Another short note re: our naming process: you may have picked up on the fact that DH picked Magnolia more than I did. I love that, while I'm the name nerd that spent hours and hours researching, reading, over-analyzing, he had the gut instinct to pick the perfect name for us.
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    Congratulation! What a gorgeous refreshing name choice.
    Loving the nn May.

    Oh and thanks for the naming story- makes for an interesting read.
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    Congrats! Magnolia Irene is a beautiful name and I love the story behind it. Good luck with your little munchkin! x

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    I absolutely adore Magnolia Irene. You pick a very lovely name. Congrats!
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    Gorgeous name and wonderful story! Congratulations!

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