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    All the best in your baby making adventures!! And happy name searching

    Here's my opinion on your shortlist:

    Ellena (Ellen-ah) - Not feeling it...
    Elaina (Eh-lay-na) - Also not feeling this one...
    Calista - Not really into this name...
    Cecily - Prefer Cicely...nice name....
    Felicity - Too prim & proper for me...
    Laurel - and Hardy?
    Priya - Not really into this name either....
    Aria - Lovely name!
    Kiera - ADORABLE!!! Has spunk, sass and class ...also like the spelling Kira, Kyra, Keira etc
    Kathleen - Prefer Caitlin, Catherine, Katherine...
    Evelyn - Prefer Evangeline...
    Eleanore - Not the best vintage name...
    Cosette (nick name Cozi) - LOVE IT!!! Beautiful name But I'd use the nn "Cosi"
    Beatrice - Sweet & simple.....
    Hermione - GORGEOUS NAME, LOVE IT!!!
    Harmony - Nice...a bit hippy-dippy....and a bit passe...
    Loretta - Nice but safe....and a bit stale....
    Loreena - Love Loreena McKennitt but Loreena is not the prettiest Lauren though...Grace has the same classic vibe too...Lauren Grace is gorgeous
    Lilla (I like it pronounced like Lilly with out the y, Lill-ah) - Doesn't float my boat...
    Amelia - I don't know why people flock to this holds no charm for me...but I do like Emelia for some odd reason...Emmeline or Emerson are also pretty...
    Primrose - Lovely a first or second name...
    Nadine - A bit passe...
    Naomi - as above ^
    Bridget - Great classic name...LOVE IT!!!
    Priscilla - Too much tulle & hairspray, and a bit too 'drag queen' (or are they called 'female impersonators' these days??)...
    Lavender - Lovely & refreshing. Very pretty name.
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    My favourites from your list:

    The ones I also like:

    Good luck!
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    The name "Ellen-uh" is a legit name in Eastern Europe - I work with a woman who pronounces her name that way, but it's spelled Elena. (I would also spell "Elaina" that way - why spell it a funky way when there's already a beautiful spelling?)

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    Some great names on your list! I live Lavender, Priya, Cosette, and Loretta.

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    I live in America and I am worried spelling it Eleanor will just confuse people. If I was seeing it and didn't know the family pronounced it Ellen-uh i'd automatically say Ella-nor... I love the name though, it is in my top 3 for sure.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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