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    My favorite girl names

    Here they are! I'd love feed back. I've been trying to conceive for five years. (My daughter just turned 7!) So this has been a long time in the making. A lot of these names you have seen from me before. In fact, I think you've seen them all, but i have scaled it back some. What do you think?

    Ellena (Ellen-ah)
    Elaina (Eh-lay-na)
    Cosette (nick name Cozi)
    Lilla (I like it pronounced like Lilly with out the y, Lill-ah)
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Added Lavender.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Ellena - I have never heard this name, so I am unsure what I think.
    Elaina - I have loved Eliana since I was a teenager and young adult. I like the nickname Lani.
    Calista - not my style
    Cecily - I love the name but do not like that it means "blind".
    Felicity - not my style
    Laurel - I met someone name Laurel about 15 years ago and have loved it since.
    Priya - not my style
    Aria - I think Aria is sweet and pretty.
    Kiera - I like Kiera.
    Kathleen - okay
    Evelyn - I love Evelyn.
    Eleanore - I love Eleanor (spelled this way).
    Cosette - not my style
    Beatrice - mixed feelings
    Hermione - not my style
    Harmony - not my style
    Loretta - not my style
    Loreena - not my style
    Lilla - I love Lilla but I think there will be a pronunciation issue. I also live Lilia.
    Amelia - I really like it.
    Primrose - I love Rose.
    Nadine - not my style
    Naomi - not my style
    Bridget - not my style
    Priscilla - not my style
    Lavender - I love it for a middle name.

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    Ellena (Ellen-ah) - Use Eleanor. Same pn, legitimate name (or do you say it differently in the US, like el-ah-NOR? I'm never sure)
    Elaina (Eh-lay-na) - Elena.
    Calista - eh, I dislike it.
    Cecily - Love this
    Felicity - It's alright, not a massive fan
    Laurel - have no idea why this is big on Nameberry
    Priya - this is gorgeous but I wouldn't use it on a non-Indian child
    Aria - See Laurel
    Kiera - sort of trashy in the UK
    Kathleen - pretty and classic
    Evelyn - a family name to me so I do like it, but I prefer Eveline
    Eleanore - it's alright. This is El-ah-NOR to me, whilst Eleanor is El-ah-nah.
    Cosette - I love this, but Cozi is horrid
    Beatrice - so lovely!
    Hermione - gorgeous
    Harmony - trashy.
    Loretta - I don't like Lor- names personally.
    Loreena - see above, this is particularly bad
    Lilla - I quite like this. I love just Lil as well.
    Amelia - Gorgeous! Another family name for me, I'm just a bit put off by it's UK popularity
    Primrose - pretty but too Hunger Games for me
    Nadine - Very dated but I sort of like it
    Naomi - eh, it's alright
    Bridget - I used to love this but it feels a bit off to me now
    Priscilla - Love this! Way too underused! My immediate thought is Priscilla Presley.
    Lavender - very pretty but I don't think I'd ever name a human child this. Too... lilac.
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