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    Its a name I have been seriously considering for our second, and was actually excited to see it pop up when I saw Frozen this last weekend. How fun for a little girl to share a (beautiful!) name with a Princess?

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    Wish I could like your post Sahd. I like Disney and Disney princesses make me happy.
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    I know a 7 year old Elsa who was excited for the movie Frozen! I love the name Elsa. I do agree that the name (even without Disney influence) is poised to skyrocket into popularity. It is the next short "E" name to take off (after, Emma, Ella, Ellie, etc). I know 2 Elsa's. I'm sure Etta is not far behind. I still think it's a great name and, as far as Dinsey princesses go, it's better than most. Try not to worry too much about it, there are way worse associations for a name to have. Could you imagine if you'd just named your daughter Monica right before the Clinton presidential scandal broke?? Now that would have been tragic.

    Congrats on your baby girl!
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    I don't think parents right now are going to jump on the Elsa bandwagon because of Frozen. If the movie is really popular it will end up being your daughter's generation that will name their kids after the character because its something they grew up loving and it will bring back fond childhood memories for them. Which is kinda why I think Aurora is getting so much attention now (or Ariel or Belle or Jasmine). People our age liked different princesses.

    Elsa is unique but not so unique that people would only associate it with Frozen. Rest easy, you chose well.
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    I would try to remember that you cannot control what other people do or think. It is a charming name and people may come to appreciate it more because of the exposure. I do not think the name is cheapened at all, but I also think it transcends Disney. For what it's worth, Frozen is loosely based on "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson. While Elsa is not used in the story, it may help you to know the movie has a literary connection.
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