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    What do you think of baby girl name Nima?

    I am not expecting as of right now (hopefully soon!), but me and the DH were discussing names recently and came up with one girl name that we both liked! Boy names seem to come easier for us. The name was Nia Hadassah I have always loved the name Hadassah for various reasons, but DH was a little overwhelmed by it. haha Suprisingly though, he was the one who suggested it for a middle name!

    But now I am thinking maybe Nia is too.... I dont know... un-substantial? lol. For lack of a better word. I do know though, if we use Hadassah for a MN, a lighter first name would be best.

    But what do you think about Nima? Its a Hebrew/Islamic name meaning "blessing"... and probably some other meanings too

    Any thoughts would be welcome Thank you!
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    I keep wanting to say Naima, but Nima is cute too.

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    It's not bad but I'm not crazy about it either. It feels incomplete to me. Prefer Nina.
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    cristinamariane Guest
    Love it. Go for it!

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    Surprisingly, I like it! It's cute for a little girl, but I think it will age well. Go for it if you like it!
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