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    What about Viola instead of Violet, as the meaning is also "violet"?
    I think that especially Grace Viola sounds really sweet.

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    Grace Ione - Ione being "violet" in Greek. This would be my #1 pick.
    Grace Ianthe - another "violet" name.
    Grace Azura
    Anna Lilac - I really love Lilac. I prefer it to Lavender for some reason.
    Grace Mazarine
    Grace Viola - I love Violet itself, such a rich colour and beautiful flower, but if it's an odd sound for you, perhaps consider Viola? It is the family of which violets, hearts-ease, and pansies/johnny-jump-ups are part of. It's a beautiful, melodic name, and a Shakespearean one.
    Grace Lazuli
    Grace Oceana

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    I second (or third?) the suggestion of Anna Plum.

    Some more suggestions that I don't think have been mentioned:

    Larkspur: a flower name, a type of delphinium with blue blossoms
    Nila: means dark blue in Sanskrit.
    Ione, Iole, Iola, Iolanta, Ianthina, Iantha & Ianthe all mean violet.
    Viorica: femininisation of Romanian Viorel meaning bluebell.

    Not as many as I though the would be, sorry about that.

    Good luck!
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Thank you, all, very much. You have all been so helpful.

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