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    Need help finding "blue" and "purple" names to go with Anna and Grace.

    My late grandma's birthstone is the turquoise and several family members have the amethyst. Grace honors my late grandma (because I feel she was such a graceful, beautiful woman) and Anna would honor my late grandma through meaning and my late sister, Elizabeth Ann. I really need some help with finding "blue" and "purple" middle names that would go with either Anna or Grace. My grandma also had a love for nature, birds, and flowers. So names like Lilac and Lavender would be even more special.

    So far I have - Anna Azure (not sure with the A ending and A beginning), Anna Lavender, Anna Lilac, Anna Blue (but this might sound like she is sad), Grace Azure, Grace Lavender, and Grace Lilac. I feel the middle names are sounding better with Grace.

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    I wiki'd a list of colors and here is a list of names of different shades of purple's and blue's that I thought would make great name choices. I didn't split up which ones were purple and blue because some of the shades sort of blend into each other. I was really impressed with a pretty blue named Majorelle Blue. I think Anna Majorelle would be cool and different but a definite nod to that shade of blue!

    Carolina- yep there's a Carolina Blue

    Do you like any of these?

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    I think you already have the best combo here - Anna Lavender. It's fantastic. If I ever use Anna, I think I might steal it from you.

    To me, Anna actually sounds better than Grace when paired with Lavender, Lilac or Blue (Azure is pretty, but difficult in the middle I think). Grace is a word name, and I'm not into double word names, while Anna is classic and grounds a middle name that's more literal. I also like the suggestion of Anna Violet.

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    Violet? Or even Fiala? Fiala is the Czech word for "violet", and I think it's so unexpected and fun! I like both Grace Violet and Grace Fiala (especially Grace Fiala!). I'm not very good with Anna, but I think Anna Lavender is nice. I'm stumped with blue names--Blue is sort of cute, but it reminds me of Blue Ivy way too much now. Cerulean could be nice. Anna Cerulean, Grace Cerulean? I think Anna Cerulean works better... Grace Fiala is my favorite of the bunch, though!
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    Beautiful background. I'm very sorry for your losses. I am a big fan of naming for honor and meaning. I think Grace Azure is especially beautiful, and Anna Blue is excellent. Modern and edgy.

    I LOVE purple. I made a list a few months ago... Hope this gives you some ideas...

    Tyra (Tyrian was the original historical purple dye)
    Hanna (Han is another type of purple)
    Thistle/Mallow/Orchid/Pansy (all purple flowers)
    Aquamarine (or even just aqua or Marina)
    Aiiro (Japanese for indigo)
    Cerulea (cerulean)
    Alice (there is a type of blue called Alice-blue).

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