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    Honest feedback on my girl combos?

    I worked on narrowing my names down tonight and pairing with some middles. I would love some feedback on these:

    Noelle Delilah
    Noelle Seraphina
    Willow Seraphina
    Meadow Rose
    Sora Juniper
    Sora Winter
    Calla Sparrow
    Elowen Hazel (El-oh-wen)
    Quinn Evrose (Ehv-rose. I'm really unsure of the Evrose pairing here but I'm having issues finding a middle)
    Quinn Juniper
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    Noelle Delilah- This is pretty, but a bit L heavy.
    Willow Seraphina- Really like this.
    Meadow Rose- Too many flowers for one name.
    Sora Juniper- Would prefer Nora Juniper, but Sora is pretty too.
    Calla Sparrow- Something about this combo doesn't sit well with me.
    Elowen Hazel- Very pretty
    Quinn Evrose- Not a fan of Quinn on a girl, and I really don't like Evrose. It seems like a mash up of Eve/Evelyn/Eva and Rose.

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    Noelle Delilah - Delilah's just revolting to me, sorry. Noelle is pretty.
    Noelle Seraphina - This is really pretty.
    Willow Seraphina - I like this.
    Meadow Rose - I'm not into Rose as a middle name, and together it seems sorta hippie-lite?
    Sora Juniper - Juniper is cute. Not fond of Sora.
    Sora Winter - Winter is cute, Zora is much cuter than Sora.
    Calla Sparrow - Doesn't work for me. Caroline Sparrow, NN Callie, actually has much better flow for some reason. I like calla lilies but Calla is a hard name to match to a middle.
    Elowen Hazel (El-oh-wen) - Really nice, like this. I love Hazel. Have you considered using it as a FN?
    Quinn Evrose - No.
    Quinn Juniper - I think the middle for Quinn, if you're going to use it, needs to be even longer than 3 syllables.

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    Some beautiful names! I like these ones:
    Noelle Delilah (although I prefer Joelle a little)
    Willow Seraphina
    Sora Juniper
    Quinn Juniper (What about Quinn Delilah... Quinn Aurora... Quinn Pomona)

    But I LOVE these ones:
    Calla Sparrow
    Elowen Hazel

    Really, I think those two are very special, they are just wonderful. Feminine but not sugary; nature-y in the best kind of way - they don't feel contrived or too obvious.

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    Noelle Delilah - I love Noelle, love the nickname Elle. This combos is beautiful.
    Noelle Seraphina - This combo is also beautiful. I prefer the combo Noelle Delilah.
    Willow Seraphina - I love Willow; beautiful, spunky, and a nature name. Seraphina seems overly long and for me takes over the combo.
    Meadow Rose - I love Meadow and Rose, this is too wordy for me. I have nothing against two word names but in this case it sounds like a description, a meadow Rose.
    Sora Juniper/Sora Winter - I have never heard of the name Sora. Not sure how I feel. I like the suggestion of Nora. Nora Juniper and Nora Winter are beautiful.
    Calla Sparrow - Calla is so sweet. I think I prefer it as a middle name of a nickname. Love Sparrow as a middle name.
    Elowen Hazel - I personally would not use either name but this combo flows very well and the name is beautiful.
    Quinn Evrose/Quinn Juniper - Both of these are sweet.

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