View Poll Results: Which 60's Names Seem Usable Now?

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  • Susan/Suzanne/Susie/Sue

    3 8.82%
  • Karen/Kelly

    0 0%
  • Debbie/Debra

    0 0%
  • Lynn/Lori/Laurie

    0 0%
  • Louann/LeeAnn

    0 0%
  • Carolyn/Marilyn

    9 26.47%
  • Melissa/Missy

    6 17.65%
  • Paula

    0 0%
  • Michelle

    3 8.82%
  • Julie

    13 38.24%
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    Julie is the name of my mother (she's actually a year younger than you, OP) so I have a hard time seeing it on a baby. However, with teenagers and young adults being such big fans of Marilyn Monroe, and Caroline/Carolyn being revived, both seem more usable.

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    I voted for Melissa, but I despise the nn Missy.
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    Debbie/Debra - I find Deborah appealing in a strong Biblical way. I only like it spelt like this though, or one of the Hebrew transliterations. Debbie as a nickname needs a little while longer to come back I think, as a rockabilly '50s name like Betty.
    Suzie/Suzanne/Susan - I actually really like Susie/Suzy, though I think Suzanne feels the most dated and Susannah is my favourite and not really your generation. Susan is rather classic and has the Narnia thing going for it. I don't mind Susan at all actually.
    Carolyn - I ADORE Caroline, but Carolyn is okay.
    Jennifer - I like Jenny/Gen but Jennifer isn't my favourite road to it.
    Lori - Laurel and Lorelei freshen this one for me.
    Cindy - Call me crazy, but I rather like Cindy, it's very retro and only a NN for me, but whether short for Cynthia or Lucinda or Jacinta/Jacinda, I rather like it.
    Yvonne - Not keen, but I like Yvette and Yvaine.
    Louann/LeeAnn - I'm a big fan of Lee by itself, as a first or middle.
    Lynn - Ooh. I find equally retro Lee a bit easier, actually. Lynn suffers not from being dated per se but from the CURRENT trend of attaching it to the end of other first names. -lynn as a suffix a la Adalyn, Ashlynn, Katelynn, Haylynn etc. wears me the hell out.

    I would be likeliest to use either Cindy as a NN or one of the Susan forms. Deborah is admirable but because of family dynamics I'd be likelier to dust off Judith which feels of similar vintage to me.

    I *heart* Caroline.

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    I really like Melissa, Cindy and Julie. Lisa, Lynn and Marilyn I also like
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    I could see Susan/Susie/Sue on a little girl, but the others are really dated to me. Susie and Sue are cool in a rockabilly way.

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