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Thread: Name The Family

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    Name The Family

    In this game, I'll give you the personality and physical description of each member of a family and you have to name them. The choices for last names are

    Mother: A tall, willowy woman with a long, straight sheet of graying brown hair and piercing green eyes. Normally seen wearing an olive green sweater and dark jeans in the house, but out she dresses in fancy, formal clothes or always business formal to work. She is a passion-driven, sucsess oriented woman with a career minded drive but not too much time for her kids. Sometimes she regrets not spending enough time with them, but at the end if the day, this woman will strictly enforce family dinner and ask her kids many questions about their day.

    Father: Average height, skinny-as-fencepole man with messy sandy blond-gray hair and dark blue eyes, paired with knobbly knees and sharp elbows. He is a family man, a mostly stay at home dad who loves taking care of his three children and going on outings with them. While his wife is strictly organized, he is scatterbrained and absent minded, never able to remember where he may have put his keys.

    Older Girl: A tall girl with dark brown curls spewing out of the side of her head and sharp green eyes. Her face is covered in freckles and her eyes are bright, and she always wears a smile. She is playful and extroverted but sometimes moody and easily angered. She is intelligent and does well in math and science at school if she can sit still long enough. Diagnosed with ADHD, she may only pay attention to math and science at school if she'll pay attention to anything.

    Older Boy: A tall boy with clipped light brown hair and chestnut-brown eyes, sarcastic and serious but if you break open his shell he can be funny. He is more introverted than his sister, but he enjoys math as well, but he also loves reading. His nerdy sense of humor is great and as an avid Harry Potter fan, he can't wait to introduce his family to the books. This boy is quiet, but a friend you won't regret id you get to know him.

    Baby Girl: Chubby little baby with cute blonde curls like the dad's when he was little, shining green eyes, and rosy dimpled cheeks. This baby is happy and calm, a baby who hardly cries. She is fun and cute and innocent, and nearing her first birthday.

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