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    Welcome to the Cul-De-Sac GENERATION 1 RESULTS!!!

    The Lewis Family

    DH: Ian Oliver Lewis
    DW: Laney Anne Lewis
    DD: Alana Charlotte Lewis (scgogirl) "Charlie" (11)
    DD: Ainsley Snow Lewis (sparkleninja18) "Annie" (8)
    ADD: Amelia Mae Lewis "Mia" (nclark) (6)
    ADD: Adeline Blynn Lewis "Addie" (nclark) (4)
    DS/DS: Olivier Porter Lewis & Remy Harrison Lewis (allij28) "Ollie & Harry" (3)
    ADS: Asher William Lewis "Ash" (nclark) (2)

    The Carver-Owens Family

    DH: Jesse Elliot Owens
    DW: Regan Elizabeth Carver
    DS: Zayden Bronx Carver-Owens (allij28) (18)
    DD: Aubrey Montana Carver-Owens (bb) (12)
    DS/DS: Tyson Colorado Carver-Owens & Quincy Dakota Carver-Owens (peachysmiles) (8)
    DD: Sydney Berlin Carver-Owens (peachysmiles)

    The Porcher Family

    DH: Michael Scott Porcher
    DW: Sara Renee Porcher
    MDS: Damien Miguel Luis Porcher (21)
    SDD: Primrose Elise Claudette Porcher "Rosie" (15)
    DS/DS: Drexel Cade Porcher & Paxton Wade Porcher (bailibsmum) "Rex & Pax" (8)
    DD: Paloma Renett Porcher (pamjsg99) (6)
    DD: Delphi Talulah Porcher (bb) (2)
    DS: Pascal Chance Porcher (bb)

    The Smith Family

    DH: Everett Lee Smith
    DW: Mariah Denise Smith
    DD/DD/DD/DS: Lydia Mae Smith, Delilah Noelle Smith, Eve Olivia Smith, & Nathaniel Peter Smith (emitheduckling) (16)
    DAS/DAS: Elijah Kanye Smith & Gideon Omarr Smith (bailibsmum) "Eli & Deon" (10)
    DAD: Ruth Meiling Smith (heidieliza) (6)
    DAD: Abigail Ling Smith (sparkleninja18) (2)

    The Harper Family

    DH: Tyson Warren Harper
    DW: Caia Nichelle Harper
    DD: Audrey Lauren Jo Harper (sparkleninja18) (11)
    DD: Carys Nora Blythe Harper (emitheduckling) (7)
    DS: Fergus Watson Tyr Harper (heidieliza) (3)
    DS: Rylan Earnest Jude Harper (bailibsmum)
    ADK/ADK: Pop & Rox (peachysmiles)
    CDK/CDK: Lola & Nell (nclark)

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