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Thread: Holiday CAF

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    Jul 2012
    DW: Melissa Charlotte
    DH: Horacio Hagan

    DS: Jameson Kellen "James"
    DD: Serena Coralie
    DD/DD Twins: Natalia Titian & Lucia Cerise "Tally & Luce"
    DS/DS Twins: Christian Baird & Gabriel Naylor "Chris & Gale"
    DD/DS Twins: Alexandria Nevis & Kyler Aragon "Lexie & Kyle"
    DD/DD Twins: Zoe Dahlia & Winter Rose
    DS/DS/DS Triplets: Sebastian Chase, Theodore Lorca & Nathaniel Solomon "Bastian, Theo & Nate"

    DCat: Tortell
    DDog: Balsam

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    Jan 2014
    DW: Maris Clementine
    DH: Henley Harris

    DS: Jorden Kiel
    DD: Sydney Camilla
    DD/DD: Natalie Violet and Christina "Chrissy" Rose
    DS/DS: Nicholas Archer and Rudolph "Rudy" Hunter
    DD/DS: Austen Vienna and Hudson Nebraska
    DD/DD: Anais Tulip and Zanna Daisy
    DS/DS/DS: Tanner Calixto, Sander Laurence, and Nathaniel Cullen
    DCat: Latke
    DDog: Dreidel

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Dec 2011
    DW: Melody Claire
    DH: Henry Hughes

    DS: Jonathan Kent
    DD: Sophia Cate
    DD/DD: Holly Rose & Noelle Jade
    DS/DS: Gabriel Hunter & Nicholas Tanner
    DD/DS: Hannah London & Hank Austin
    DD/DD: Anika Daisy & Zana Lily
    DS/DS/DS: Anthony Clay, Sanjay Claus, & Tanner Clark

    DCat: Nog
    DDog: Tree

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    Jun 2015
    DW: Marcus Cullen ~Mark
    DH: Helena Holly ~Lena

    DS: Joseph Kendall ~Joss
    DD: Sara Corine ~Sadie
    DD/DD: Stella Blue / Eve Violet ~Ella & Evie
    DS/DS: Nicholas Parker/ Christian Walker ~Nico & Tian
    DD/DS: Anna Holland / Henry Zealand ~Anne & Hank
    DD/DD: Nora Calla / Alice Orchid ~Norie & Allie
    DS/DS/DS: Solomon Luke / Thaddeus Conrad/ Abraham Seth ~Solly, Thad & Bram

    DCat: Honey Puff
    DDog: Stringlights
    Slytherin Teenberry, Swen

    Matilda Simone, Irene Seraphina, Octavia Beatrix

    Felix Peregrine, Clement Magnus, Theodore Galileo

    Leia, Cressida, Merlina, Cordelia, Leontine, Griselda, Conal, Dashiell, Viggo, Cosmo, Peregrine, Jupiter, Bellatrix, Sophronia, Noam, Salvador, Evander, Oliverio, Regina, Helena, Georgia, Isabel, Eva, Anastasia

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    Dec 2013

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