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    A's and E's with both genders, but especially E's. Also C's, N's and V's with girls, as well as S's with boys.

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    Mostly Es and As with girls. Nearly half of my favorites list is A/E names.
    For boys it's definitely C. 15 out of 45 on my boys list start with C.

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    V especially:

    Venture, Vashti, Verity, Violet, Viola, Vivian, Vesper, Virgil, Verticordia, Vail, Valhalla, Verbena, Valkyrie, Valentine, Victoria, Virginia, Valor, Valiant, Vanora, Veronica, Vesta, Veda, Vera, Verena, Veruca, Vivaldi, Vance, Varen, Vaughn, Vernon, Voltaire

    Hard to think of ones I DON'T like.

    and Z names:

    Zephyr, Zosteria, Zenith,Ziva, Zelda, Zoe, Zara, Zorya, Zenobia, Zinnia, Zachary,Zafira, Zane, Zerynthia, Zeal, Zarielle, Zemaria, Zeus, Zola, Zuriel, Zafara, Zebina, Zipporah,

    and X:

    Xander, Xanthe, Xerxes, Xanthippe, Xenia, Xalina, Xylia, Xenophon
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Cyrus, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River, Willow

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    M is my favorite letter for female names, probably because of my grandmothers (Marion, Marjorie, Martha Mabel) and because it is a strong, warm, maternal sound.

    I also love Marilla, Morwenna, Muriel, Mamie, Mahalia, Minty, Madrigal, Madigan, Mignon, Morag, Marigold, Meg, Merry, Mary Ellen, and many more.

    Even names with m's in the middle like Jemima and Jemma.


    For male names I am more diverse. C's, F's and G's, and R's mostly.

    C's for comfort: Chester, Chet, Chesterton, Clyde, Clarence, Claude, Clement, Clem, Clifford, Cliff, Charles, Charleston, Clancy, Cadwallader, Cornelius, Colin, Callum...

    F's and G's for freshness and vitality: Fenton, Fen, Franklin, Frank, Floyd, Franz, Frederick, Freddie, etc.

    Gilbert, Gordon, Gordie, Geordie, Giles, Grady, Gideon, Galen, George, Gibson, Gulliver, etc.

    And R's which sound strong and soft to me for men as the M's do for women: Roger, Robert, Robin, Rob, Roderick, Reuben, Rory, Rufus, Raphael, Rafael, Ransom, Reid, etc.

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    For girls, I love M names (I have 13 on my list!) Also like A, C, J and S names.
    Mabel, Madeleine, Maeve, Magdalene, Magnolia, Margaret, Marigold, Mary, Matilda, Melisande, Minerva, Mirabel, Molly

    For boys, its A names (I have 18 on my list!). Also like C, J, M, R, S and T (I have a lot of boys names on my list!)
    Abram, Adler, Alaric, Alasdair, Albert, Aldrich, Alfred, Alexander, Allen, Amadeus, Anthony, Archer, Arthur, Asher, Atticus, August, Avery
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