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    Is anyone else just completely unexcited with names for one gender?

    Has anyone else ever gotten to the point where they just couldn't get excited about girls' names or boys' names anymore? I have two or three girls' names I like, but every other girl's name I can think of is just so dull to me. I deleted most of my girls' list and I'm going to take a break from thinking about girls' names for a while. Am I alone here? Has anyone out there ever been madly in love with names for one gender and completely bored with names for the other gender?
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    Boys name are so easy for my husband and I to agree on and I find I warm up to boys name much easier and quicker than I do girls names. I actually "took a break" from names too because my husband and I were disagreeing every time we tried to talk about girls names. Now I'm back on the hunt for a girls name I love. I've been talking/thinking/looking at names for more than a year and have yet to come across a single girls name that makes me say "that's it!" Ugh. So yes, girls names are not my friend.....
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    Yes, I cannot no matter how hard i try get interested in any boys names- i do on occasion go that's nice! and then about a week later or even an hour later im like nah its not right/ its boring or blah...

    its making it very difficult to pick any names as i just get bored of them very easily, girl names are much easier for me in my opinion. I never had this problem when naming male pets- I have or have had male Spike the cockateil, Boris the boxer dog, Gregory the budgie, Jasper the cat and Dewy the rabbit...

    but when it comes to human males i find most names too safe or too weird.. not sure where the middle ground is! I really wish i could find that name and just go yes thats it!!!

    I think part of the problem is i also really need to meet/see the animal/person before naming them... its 100x harder to name a little person you've never seen.
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    Yes, girls' names are hard here also. I swear we could name bus loads of boys (might start having issues with middle names) and girls' names are very difficult. I guess we do not need bus loads of names though. We are very happy with the five girls' names we have. Each combo offers many different choices as to what she could be called. They all have special family meaning and/or honor family. Maybe we found THE ones.

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    I tend to have maybe one, possibly two boys' combos that I find absolutely perfect, but practically no other ideas at all. With girls, I have a lot of names I love, but I'm never fully satisfied with any of my combos. It's so frustrating. :/
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