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    Are these names usable in real life?

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    I know a Carolina, Nadine and a Chantal (as well as a Chantel and a Chantelle)

    I like wouldn't bat an eye at seeing any of the names on your list in real life, they're all legitimate names (bonus points for correct spellings) and while they might not be my style, there's nothing wrong with any of them. I quite like Carolina (care-oh-LEE-nah), Nadine and Delilah!
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    Nadine--yes, but why?
    Judine--no--looks made-up
    Chantal--yes, but usually for African-Americans
    Jensine--looks made-up, but not terrible. makes me think of ginseed
    Augusta--lovely, yes!
    Charmaine--maybe...makes me think of toilet paper
    Shira--yes...kind of has a superhero geekchic edge to it.

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    madelyn Guest
    All of them are useable to me except Judine and maybe Magretha.

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    Carolina - absolutely. Some may argue it depends on your region, which may add complications for cultural "rights" to the name.

    Nadine - certainly usable.

    Delilah - yes, love it. If I hadn't had a cat with this name it would be on our list.

    Judine - my instinct says no, in that I would dissuade someone from using it if they were truly asking for my opinion... but I wouldn't judge a Judine.

    Chantal - yep, common enough, and unlike the previous poster I disagree that it may be 'owned' by a particular culture or ethnicity. I know several (I'm including variations like Chantel and Shantall) and they all happen to be caucasian, for whatever that's worth.

    Jensine - see Judine.

    Augusta - definitely, wouldn't bat an eye.

    Magretha - could present pronunciation problems, but other than that it's easily usable.

    Charmaine - yep, know one. More unusual, but accessible.

    Carmen - know several.

    Shirley - yes, though this one doesn't feel ready for a comeback.

    Shira - yep. Knew one on college.
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