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    cristinamariane Guest
    Judine and Jensine are the only two that give me pause and look invented. They also don't sound as appealing as similar-sounding names like Junia and Jessamine.

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    Jensine is the only one I don't like. All the rest are totally usable!!

    I love Carmen and Shira
    Just a name lover.

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    Carolina -- Yes, but it just makes me think of the state
    Nadine -- Yes, but I don't personally like it
    Delilah -- Yes, same as above
    Judine -- No, it just seems weird. I like Judy or Judith better
    Chantal -- No, I think it sounds cheap maybe? I don't know how to explain my dislike
    Jensine -- No, It sounds like a rank in a Sci-Fi society like "Report how the alien hunt is going Jensine Smith."
    Augusta -- Yes, gentle and beautiful
    Magretha -- Yes, unusual form of Margaret and it's lovely if a little awkward to say
    Charmaine -- No, makes me think of Charmin toilet paper
    Carmen -- Yes, though I don't like it
    Shirley -- Yes, but it sounds childish to me
    Shira -- No, sheer-ah? Shy-rah? Shih-rah? Shee-ray? Shy-ray? Shih-ray? -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Carolina - yes, I know one in college
    Nadine - yes
    Delilah - yes, I know a little one with this name
    Judine - not sure
    Chantal - yes
    Jensine - probably not
    Augusta - yes
    Magretha - probably not
    Charmaine - yes
    Carmen - yes
    Shirley - yes, I know a few (all older, but still)
    Shira - yes, I know one who's in college
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
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    Carolina - yes definitely
    Nadine - yes I know one
    Delilah - I wouldn't but definitely usable
    Judine - not too sure on this one
    Chantal - yes, I know several
    Jensine - sounds a little medical?
    Augusta - yes although possible a little heavy on a little one
    Magretha - yes
    Charmaine - yes I know of two
    Carmen - yes
    Shirley - yes
    Shira - yes although might be a little too cultural?

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