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    Revising the lists...

    We're expecting two little boys in the new year and their names are already decided leaving our boys' list slightly depleted (with three names each) and our girls' list in need of an update. I would really like some opinions on our current lists. I would say I like quite classic, old names that have a bit of a vintage feel to them. Not too unique, but normally not REALLY common. (There are a few exceptions!) However, I have a few problems with some of my absolute favourites...
    Here are the lists and my comments. Please could I have some suggestions?


    Zachary - LOVE this one, and quite like "Zach", but it ends in an 'R' sound, and our surname is Wright. Does it run into one?
    Lionel - A new find. Seems fresh - a bit lie Leo, but more spunky yet traditional, and certainly less common today
    Henry - An exception to the "I don't like common names" rule. Love Henry - he seems smart! But ends in an 'R' again.
    Conan - This is a FAB name. But there's a problem - I will be having an Arthur soon. Would this be too much?
    Peter - My Dad's name, but I actually really like it's neat character. It would grow with the boy too. *Only middle*
    Jasper - A bit of an odd one out, but I do really like it. However, it ends in that 'R' and sounds a lot like Arthur.
    Sebastian - Always loved this one. My only dilemma is the ien/ian. What do you think? Love Seb and Bastian/Bastien.
    Joel - Seems kind of old-school, but cute and cool too. Not sure about the one syllable with my surname though.
    Leo - An old favourite. It's short, sharp and neat. But it's really quite common now. Same problem as Joel.
    Nicholas - This has grown on me! Flows well with our surname and isn't too unusual. Not sure about nicknames though?
    Mathew - One of those names I always thought "no way" to. With one 't' and as a middle - maybe? It seems so handsome!
    Hugo - Another old favourite. Really cute and friendly, but smart and sophisticated too. I think it works with Wright too.
    Conrad - Always loved this one, but it is such a tongue twister when paired with Wright.
    Maxim - LOVE Max, but was never sure about long forms. Max seems incomplete, but I think Maxim might just do it!


    Lyra - My number one all time favourite girls' name. But it sounds awful with Wright Could I still use it in the middle?
    Florence - Probably my second favourite name. Flows well with Wright I think, but I will already have a Frederick (F).
    Hermione - Love this name, and love Harry Potter. But worried that the connection could prove a negative one. Usable?
    Eleanor - Such a beautiful, elegant name. It's quite a new love for me, but it's gorgeous. Goes well with Wright too!
    Cora - Not sure about this one. Cordelia is OK, but not fantastic, and Cora seems a bit incomplete on its own. Any ideas?
    Emelia - MUCH prefer the E spelling to the A. It seems prettier, and more elegant. Is is over-used though? I think so.
    Julia - This one is borderline. Juliet is too much for me, but Julia - with its vintage appeal may just be OK...
    Helena - Very similar in sound to Eleanor, but less common. I like how this one doesn't have "Ellie" - I don't like that.
    Eliza - A shortened, unique version of the traditional Elizabeth. I love the Jane Austen connection too!
    Iris - A very pretty name. It says clever but shy to me, and I really like it. I think it's nicer than Isis.
    Celia - This one is quite new to me. Not a fan of the frivolous Cecilia, but Celia may be just right!

    Any ideas?

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    I can relate - I have the same types of issues with my very favorite names as well. So it goes!

    Zachary - This is a nice and classic name that will never go out of style. With the 'y', it's not unusable with Wright, IMO. Especially because it's likely he'll be called Zach the majority of the time.

    Lionel - I like this quite a bit, and quite a bit more than the NB favorite of Leo. Adorable.

    Henry - This is always cute, classic. Like Zachary, the 'y' ending helps to cushion that 'r' sound.

    Conan - This is a great name... it's a little iffy paired with sibling Arthur, but like Henry I don't think it's unusable.

    Peter - I've always admired the quirky character to Peter, and although I wouldn't recommend it as a first...I like it quite a bit as a middle.

    Jasper - I really disliked this for quite a long time, but it's starting to grow on me. It's a little matchy with Arthur...but not too terrible.

    Sebastian - Great formal name with awesome nickname options. I prefer this spelling, personally. Love it with Arthur, and it sounds great with your surname too!

    Joel - Instead of old-school, I find Joel to be rather refreshing and cool. Short, simple, masculine. I like it. I have the one-syllable surname problem myself...but one of my closest friends is named James Wright, so I'm used to that flow I suppose. I like it!

    Leo - Like Jasper, Leo is starting to grow on me. It's definitely getting popular, but I think our perception of popularity is a bit skewed...I haven't met any Leos IRL. Also, it looks short, but since it's two syllables it doesn't have the same issue as Joel. It actually sounds pretty great with Wright.

    Nicholas - Unlike Leo, I know SEVERAL boys named Nicholas ages 7 and under. In fact, I have two nephews named Nicholas (one on my side, one on my husband's)...and we also have a Dominic who goes by Nick. It is still a great, strong, classic and masculine name that will grow with your son. I love it with Arthur and Wright. To help get away from the usual Nick, I've heard the nickname "Cole" - adorable!

    Mathew - Honestly one of my favorite middle names. It goes with most everything!

    Hugo - I'm not a fan of this name, but I will admit that it does sound GREAT with Wright (Hugo Wright makes me think of a great architect!), and Arthur and Hugo is an adorable sibset

    Conrad - Great name, but I have to agree...Conrad Wright is a bit of a tongue twister

    Maxim - Love Max as well...and for a long time had Maxim on my list, but DH didn't like how 'Russian' it is. I found Macsen, which is my absolute favorite name and honors my Welsh heritage. I plan on using Max as a nn. Alternate spellings are Maxen or Maxon, which are legitimate American surnames.


    Lyra - Beautiful, but unfortunately I agree with the surname issue. I do think it's usable as a mn. Florence Lyra Wright is cute!

    Florence - Not my personal taste, but it's not terrible. I don't think it's too close to Frederick, unless you're trying to avoid same initials.

    Hermione - It's pretty, and the character has a wonderful persona for a namesake. It will be closely connected, and from what I can tell it seems to be about 50/50 on people who feel it's a usable name. I'm still undecided.

    Eleanor - Elegant and classic.

    Cora - I've always felt the same about this name (although I don't mind Nora standing alone). Coraline, Coreen, Corinne

    Emelia - Love this, always have. It's definitely getting popular, but I don't think it's quite reached overused just yet.

    Julia - Not a fan of this, never have been. I'm not sure what my aversion to Julia and her cousins is, though.

    Helena - I prefer this to Eleanor

    Eliza - I really like this, as long as it's pronounced with the long 'ee' sound. I prefer Elise

    Iris - This is my husband's favorite name, and he's pushing for it pretty hard. It's been growing on me.

    Celia - Pretty, I also prefer this to Cecilia. Really like Celia Wright as well.

    A few suggestions: Adeline, Aurelia, Maeve or Maeva, Eloise, Hazel, Evelyn

    Good luck!

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    Congratulations !! How exciting...

    Here are my opinions & suggestions:


    Zachary - Not feeling this one...Zacharia has more oomph IMHO...
    Lionel - I think Leopold is more charming, so too Leonardo, Leo or Lyon...
    Henry - Yes, I love this name, it's classic and handsome.
    Conan - The Barbarian is what this name conjures for me...
    Peter - Very sweet, lovely & meaningful to you.
    Jasper - I LOVE THIS NAME !!!
    Sebastian - I think this is the same spelling as the classical composer Bach is it not?? Either way, I really like this name. Thumbs-up!
    Joel - Not a stand-out...
    Leo - Great name!!
    Nicholas - It's a popular name....but I prefer your other names to be honest...
    Mathew - I really love this name...might also be a good middle name. I also love the nn Matt. Btw, what about Luke? This has the same feel to Matthew...or Luc, Luca etc
    Hugo - Hugo is such a classic name. LOVE IT !!!
    Conrad - I prefer Baron to Conrad.
    Maxim - Great name, but I prefer Maximilien or the French name Maxence (pronounced Max-Onz-s).


    Lyra - If you love it use it!
    Florence - Very pretty name...
    Eleanor - Pretty, but not the most adventurous...
    Cora - Prefer Cordelia or Caroline.
    Emelia - Very pretty name...not really into Amelia, but Emelia is very beautiful...
    Julia - Like Julia, Juliet etc
    Helena - Pretty....
    Eliza - Love this and Elizabeth...
    Iris - Iris is nice...perhaps better as a middle though...
    Celia - I prefer Cicely or Cecelia...

    Some other names you might like include:

    Luc, Luca, Luke, Lucus, Lucius

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    @aggielou - Thankyou! I hate it when you've got a name you love, but it's totally unusable! Grrr! Anyway...

    I'm glad you don't think Zachary and Henry are unusable with the 'y' endings - I wasn't sure. It's true a Zachary would probably be Zach anyhow, but it's not the most elegant of combinations. I agree about Conan - fab name, but a bit over the top with Arthur too. You’re right about Sebastian – it goes VERY well with Wright in my opinion, and I love the nickname options too. I wasn’t sure about spelling though. Bastien looks better than Bastian, but Sebastian is nicer. Is it too common now though? Leo too – I know what you mean about Nameberry having a funny kind of ‘popular’! Cole is cute, but I’m not sure. Maybe Coel? Finally, you’re probably right about Conrad too - and Hugo Wright is awesome! Plus, I’m glad you think that Lionel, Peter, Jasper, Sebastian, Joel, Mathew and Maxim are cool too!

    As for the girls, I (sadly ) agree with the Lyra issue. Thankyou for your advice with Florence. I’m not a fan of repeating initials, but maybe… As for Hermione, I REALLY like it, and I love the character that the name is connected to, but is it too much? Maybe. I can’t use Coreen or Corinne as this is my Granny’s name (Corinne) although maybe as a middle. I love Eleanor, Emelia, Helena, Eliza and Iris and Celia and Julia are pending I think

    Thankyou for your suggestions! I love Hazel and Evelyn. Aurelia is cute too! Any nickname ideas for Evelyn?

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