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    Aurélia is pure majesty! I love the means golden...and you can pronounce it your preferred way. I say it Oar-Reee-Leah means golden which is lovely. Aurélia Aurora is pretty too. Or

    Aurélia Mayfair
    Aurélia Vivaldi
    Aurélia Gardenia
    Aurélia Skye
    Aurélia Zenovia
    Aurélia Victoria
    Aurélia Olivia
    Aurélia Sage
    Aurélia Cressida
    Aurélia Sienna
    Aurélia Autumn
    Aurélia Rose
    Aurélia Sunday
    Aurélia Rain
    Aurélia Isis
    Aurélia Oriana
    Aurélia Ruby
    Aurélia Elizabeth
    Aurélia Ferelith
    Aurélia Isabeau
    Aurélia Utopia
    Aurélia Pandora
    Aurélia Isadora
    Aurélia Debussy
    Aurélia Monet
    Aurélia Emerald
    Aurélia Esmeralda
    Aurélia Violet
    Aurélia Thomasina
    Aurélia Beatrice
    Aurélia Annabelle
    Aurélia August
    Aurélia Augustina

    Nns include: Leah, Aura, Lulu, Lily...

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    It's pronounced oh-RAY-lee-ah with or without the accent. I used to think Aurelie was nice, until I watched a documentary that included a woman named Aurelie. When people said her name, it sounded like "orally", which was really not nice.
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    Our baby is being raised in Montreal, and later France where her dad is from. So the accent might be extraneous (faff) in most contexts, but it's my homage to his French-ness because I'm using my German last name. I double checked with him and his sister and they both agree that Aurelia is o-rel-ia with or without the accent. The berries who said the french pronunciation was a sound between ray and ree were right on the dot.

    My family absolutely butchers the name, they can't roll Rs so they also say ORALLY or ORALLY-A. Montreal does have a lot of English speakers too.

    I like Aurélia Vesper Scholze, but he hates the name Vesper because it sounds like Viper.
    How does Aurélia Anastasia Scholze sound? I was originally shying away from middles that start and end with with A.
    Could we nn her Lyra or is that too random?

    Aurélia Ever Lore Scholze - His sister says this is trying too hard to be cute - I am a fairytale illustrator so my boundaries of acceptably cute are blurred.
    Aurélia Echo Scholze - What could be added to make this flow?
    Aurélia Laelia Scholze (I want it to sound like layla, maybe my 'unique' spelling is trashy.)
    Aurélia Althea Scholze - flows? Could we make it flow by adding something?

    Just re-watched Love Actually and was surprised to see an Aurelia. Although the way it is pronounced wasn't very pretty. Aurelia makes me think of a steam punk / indiana jones type girl examining ancient machines in a big library, or a young female Dumbledore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    "bonita, ow-ray-lee-a!" said colin firth.

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    I like Aurelia Ever without the Lore. Very pretty!

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