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    Aurélia vs. Aurelia

    Aurélia vs. Aurelia

    How would you pronounce the name? Does it differ with and without the accent? What do you honestly think of this name?

    Consensus on the internet is that the name is said oh-REEL-ee-ah (ORLY- a? - YEAH RLY) , or oh-RAIL-ee-ah.

    Neither of these appeal to me. I've always thought it sounded like oh-REL-ee-ah (with a rolled R). Closer to the French pronunciation of Aurelle. Even though the French clearly say oh-Ray-lee for Aurélie, which is the nickname she'll grow up with.

    The accent in Aurélia is pretty, but wouldn't it change the pronunciation to oh-RAY-lee-ah?

    To get the pronunciation I like it would have to be spelled Aurellia. Do I use the conventional spelling and let her correct people all her life? Or add an extra L which looks less attractive?

    Other then Aurélie, I don't much like the nn associated with the name. I really like the nn Thea for Althea, but prefer the first name Aurelia to Althea. We thought about Elthea or Elthia as nicer sounding alternative but think that the spelling doesn't look as nice.

    Aurelia nn-
    Aurielle, Arial, Arella, Aurelle, Auralei, Arla, Elle, Ellie, Aurea, Liea (leah or laia), Aurore, Aurora, Arlie/Orly, Lilie/Lilly) Árelía (Icelandic spelling),

    Aurelia nn I don't like -
    Relie/Raliegh, Lee, Aura, Aurl, Aulie, Ori/Aurie, Orla, Rae

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    I would say oh-RAY-lee-ah with the accent, and oh-REE-lee-ah without.

    (Personal opinion: If she's going to be called Aurelie, I see no reason not to just name her Aurelie - with or without the accent. It's totally legitimate and I don't see the point in naming her something and then giving her a nickname that's the same length and only changes one letter. But that's just me! )

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    Aurélia would be pronounced like this
    If you do not intend to pronounce it that way, I'd stay away from the accent as it will get confusing.

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    This is an incredibly confusing post. Why can't you call her Aurelia with the correct pn or not use it at all?

    Aurélia is AUH-ray-lee-AH, the first sound pronounced in the back of the throat causing the R to sound slightly rolled. The reason the 'RAYL' sound might sound more like 'REHL' is just the French accent, it's a sound that English speakers don't use (listen to a French person say Léna, it's more clear. Half way between LAYna and LEEna).

    I wouldn't use Aurélia as the accent is a faff and nobody will actually say it in an authentic French accent. It will be left off and ignored anyway.

    Aurelia is or-REE-LEE-ah, but it's not a massively common name so you could get away with telling people it's oh-RELL-ee-ah if you're THAT desperate. Aurellia looks ugly, I wouldn't use it.
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    This name is one of my faves too, even though I don't know quite how to pronounce it! I concur that the accent might be best left off, as it will often get dropped and ppl won't know how to pronounce it anyway... As above, what about simply Aurelie (or-el-LY), if you don't like the way most ppl will pronounce Aurelia?

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