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    I love Sylvie (although I do prefer it as a nn for Sylvia) and I like Audrey. Sylvie is unexpected and fun without being too crazy. Audrey is nice too, but I feel like I'm hearing it a lot now. I like Sylvie Victoria the best of your combos. I also really like Gemma out of your hubby's picks. I think Sylvie and Gemma go best with your other kids' names.
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    I love Sylvie! I do not care for Audrey; I used to like it more, but now that my eldest is nearly 6, I'm growing really tired of hearing Aubrey on what seems like every other child, and Audrey, while more classic than Aubrey, is just too close to make much of a difference to me.

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    Sylvie is one of my faves! I like it better than Audrey, personally. My fave combo from your list is Sylvie Louise, in terms of flow, but all of them sound good.

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    Usually I would chose Sylvie, but I feel that Audrey fits better with your other childrens names. Audrey Victoria is lovely, as is Sylvie Victoria. In the long run, my vote goes to Audrey.

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    I think either one is a great pick, but I think that Audrey might work better with your other children's names. You really can't go wrong!
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