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    Naming a child after an instrument?

    My husband and I have, for a long time, loved the idea of object/virtue names. So far our children are named Mercy, Silence, and Given, all girls, twins and a single.

    I'm about to have a girl, and we've been arguing a bit on what to name her. I suggested Honesty, and possibly Cotton as a middle name. My husband, on the other hand, recommended Viola, Flute, and Piano. He seems to be focused on one theme, and no matter how many names I suggest to him he continues to talk about the three. I'd be okay with Piano, but Flute and Viola are out of the question and I'd prefer something different.

    What are your thoughts on the names he has suggested? Can you think of any names that might sound better but still have our themes in mind?

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    Calliope is gaining popularity
    Fifer and Piper are also rising
    Harper is very popular as well.

    Viola has been used for many years, and I think it's a lovely name and most definitely the best of the choices you laid out.

    Mandolin a guitar-like instrument
    Clarinet is a wind instrument - I kinda like this one! It would be my pick if I had to choose
    Ocarina is a type of flute and would make a cool girl's name!
    Sabar is a type of drum
    Dulzaina is a type of oboe
    Reed is a family of instruments and quite popular as a name as well.
    Robero is a type of clarinet and would make a good boys name
    Kora is a type of harp
    Lyra is an ancient stringed instrument
    Celesta and Marimba are keyboard instruments

    Flute and Piano are way too literal for me, I'd personally prefer any of the above.
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    I think Viola and Lyra would be nice choices.

    May I ask why you chose Silence? What is the story behind that? It just seems to be an uncommon pick for a virtue name.

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    I agree that Viola and Lyra are the nicest instrument names! I wouldn't name a baby Piano.
    If you wanted a musical name Harmony, Melody or Cadence would be nice! Or even Lyric (I've met one little girl with that name) !

    When I read your other daughters names I immediately thought of the name Serenity to go with your sibset !

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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorblueskye View Post
    May I ask why you chose Silence? What is the story behind that? It just seems to be an uncommon pick for a virtue name.
    Yes, especially for a girl. *inner feminist hisses* :P

    I could easily see Viola on a girl, not so much Flute or Piano. But I'd be worried she'd have to go through life hearing, "Oh, your name is ____? Haha, you must be able to play the ____ really well." Or boys making "I'd like to play her like a ____" comments.

    However, our tastes in names are very different. To be completely frank, I balked at the idea of Honesty Cotton.

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