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Thread: Annastascia

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    We are not pregnant but would like to have names picked out before we try. We've settled on Annastascia. We do two middles. The first will be Kay. I would like the second to be Lou but it doesn't seem to flow. Louise makes it really long? Any thoughts or suggestions? Any twin names?

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    For the sake of your future child, please spell it properly. Must you add an extra N and throw in both a S and a C? It doesn't make it more unique, it just looks try-hard and she will have to spell it out constantly. What's wrong with Anastasia or Anastacia?

    Anastasia Kay Louise sounds great. I agree that Lou gives it a bad flow (kinda sounds like Kailou when you say it out loud). Anastasia Kay Lucille is adorable as well. Is Kay a must? I think it flows about out in Louise as well. I like Anastasia Kate Louise.
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    I do like the double n. Kay is a must more important than Lou. Love the suggestion of Lucille thanks

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    I see no good reason for the spelling you've used, and I really think you'd be better off with Anastasia. Anyway, does Kay have to be in the first spot? I think for optimum flow it might sound better as the second middle, but I'll suggest some both ways.

    Anastasia Kay Isabel
    Anastasia Kay Josephine
    Anastasia Kay Margot
    Anastasia Kay Bridget
    Anastasia Kay Rosalind
    Anastasia Kay Marguerite
    Anastasia Kay Cecily
    Anastasia Kay Emmeline
    Anastasia Kay Hadley
    Anastasia Kay Rosalie

    Anastasia Rosalind Kay
    Anastasia Emmeline Kay
    Anastasia Josephine Kay
    Anastasia Jasmine Kay
    Anastasia Ember Kay
    Anastasia Rhiannon Kay
    Anastasia Daisy Kay
    Anastasia Violet Kay
    Anastasia Sapphire Kay
    Anastasia Natalie Kay

    Good luck! I love both Anastasia and Kay, for the record.

    Edit: sorry didn't see the part about Lou! With that in mind, Anastasia Kay Louise is lovely, or maybe Anastasia Kay Louisa, Anastasia Louisa Kay, Anastasia Lucy Kay or Anastasia Lucia Kay would be marvelous.
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    I agree with the above posters and I much prefer Anastasia or Anastacia. Annastascia looks badly spelt and is just unneccessary. Anna could easily be a nickname without having 2 n's in Anastasia.

    I think the "of the moment" Lou name is Eloise so I would suggest:
    Anastasia Eloise Kay

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