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    Help with Girl Names

    My husband and I are having a lot of trouble agreeing on girl names. We are expecting a baby girl in the spring. He is from Sri Lanka, so we're trying to find names that work cross-culturally.

    I like Ariana, Aria, Dahlia, and Leila. (He vetoed my favorite name- Lena)
    He likes Jasmine, and recently became set on the name Jenna. I think both of those names are nice, but I'm not sure if they feel right.

    I want a name that teachers can pronounce, but I also don't want a name that is too common.

    Any ideas or favorites amongst these?

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    perrygirl Guest
    Dahlia and Leila are simple and beautiful. I love Jasmine...I think it's pretty, classic, and established over many cultures and languages, yet not overly popular. Aria and Ariana are lovely names, but right now would constitute "overly popular" and bandwagon-trendy. I really do not like Jenna, it sounds plain and generic, like her mother is a 16 year old who named her the first girl name that popped into her head. This is all just my opinion, though, it might not feel the same way for you guys!

    Similar names I like are: Alethea, Athena, Aliana, Leona, Lyra, Jade, Jamilla, Elena, Elysia, Evanna, Esme, Isla

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    Love Perry's suggestion of Elena for you- think it meets all your qualifications.

    In terms of your wanting easy pronunciation, one thing to keep in mind is that I've seen Jasmine pronounced Jaz-min or Jaz-meen.

    Of your choices, I like Dahlia and Leila. Also love Lena. What about Lila? Linnea? Not sure if this is a name in Sri Lanka, but some Indian friends of mine were struggling to find a name that would be easily pronounced in both cultures and landed on Reyna. I now love it because their girl is such a doll.

    Good luck!

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    Dahlia is beautiful. So is Leila...I like Leilani too. I agree with pp that Ariana and Aria are quite popular at the moment. Though the spelling Arya is much less common and has different roots than Aria-- Sanskrit I think? Leda is an alternative to Lena (it's Greek meaning happy), but it's so similar I doubt he'd like it much better.

    If he likes Jasmine and Jenna, maybe Gemma or Jessamyn/Jessamine (nn Jessa)? A couple other ideas: Zara, Zora, Zoraya...not sure why I'm on Z's....
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    You like Dahlia, Ariana, Aria, and Leila. I like Dahlia, very pretty...He likes Jasmine and Jenna....


    Jade * Jada * Jay * Jayla

    June * Nova * Kyla * Joy

    Yasmin (rhymes with jasmine)

    Audrey * Asia * India * Ivy

    Sienna * Sierra * Fiona

    Jewel * Candace * Lark * Robin

    Audra * Demi * Neve (short vowel sound nehv)

    Asha (AW-sha)

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