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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    When parents say "I didn't know...." after they've named the kid. Examples:
    "I didn't know it was a boy name"
    "I didn't know how it was supposed to be spelled/pronounced"
    "I didn't know it had such a negative meaning/connotation/association"

    So you couldn't be bothered to do any research on the name you were bestowing on another human being?
    Yes this too!

    This person will have the name for the rest of his/her life, surely you could put a little effort in to picking a name.
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    @Haley it is most female here but its not top 100 here for either gender so I think its very close to fair game, its rising for boys and falling for girls.
    And Darcy is top 100 here for boys not for girls
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    Both in English and Portuguese, my biggest pet peeve is kre8yve spellings. But, in Portuguese, is when people try to give their kids "international" names or use an english version of the name when there's a perfectly appropriate portuguese one. This goes for Sophia x Sofia, David x Davi, Emily x Emilia, Emanuelly x Emanuela... the list could go on forever. I find it very tasteless. (I cringe even more when people replace "-elle" endings with "-elly" - Gabrielly, Isabelly... ugh). Italian and Spanish versions are fine, though. Almost everyone got some italian and/or spanish blood, so they're fine.

    I also find it very funny when people freak out about popularity in this forum.

    In Portugal (10 million population), the 100th most popular name in 2012, Larissa, was given to only 42 girls. Considering that Portugal has very strict naming rules (you can only choose a name from a government pre-aproved list, and no spelling variations are allowed) and respecting the proportions, popularity it's not such a big deal.

    If you live in New York, that has a population (acording to wikipedia) of 9 million people, your kid Annabelle (the 100th most popular name of 2012) will most likely share her name with other 40 girls. What's the chance of 20 of them running into each other as kids, or going to the same school? This if you live in a city the size of New York, which I believe most people don't.

    I think people overreact and can't help but find it a bit funny.

    (obs: sorry for my english)

    To add to what I'm saying, I just checked the SSA list by states. In DC, Michelle was the 100th for 2012. There were 12 Michelles. In Alabama, it was Scarlett. There were 43. New York - Eliana - 176. Massachusetts - Brielle - 59. Georgia - Ryleigh (o_O) - 98 and so on... It's not that scary when you think in numbers. At least, not for me.
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    I don't think recycling of middle names is a big problem, it's more the recycling of first names for siblings that bothers me. My dad and his brothers all share one of their middles with the other brother, V1ns0n Ger@ld, Ger@ld Andrew, Andrew Adr1@n and Adri@n V1ns0n, I think it worked out that my Nan never had any more sons. My mum's first name is my grandmothers middle name and I think both examples have a nice connection between one another and ties them together, when I have children their middles are going to honour friends and family members as my own middle has no meaning but my parents liked the name.

    However siblings having the same first name could count as a pet peeve, and I'm talking about the ones who have no cultural or family tradition meaning behind naming multiple children with the same name, my bf and his brother share the same first name because his mum liked it so much and thought it was cute. Neither of them really like each other and my bf hates that he shares the first name, choosing to go by his middle and refusing to tell any of his friends of his real first name. They had issues with medicare cards after his brother came back from living in Phillipines, and forgot his card so his doctor appointment got charged to my boyfriends as there were two J** S*s***'s. The junior thing doesn't bother me as much, just as long as it is only one child.

    As for the Ashley thing I never met a female Ashley when living in the UK for 19 years, but I knew 6 male Ashleys, however moving to Australia the only Ashley's I have met are female. The same with the name Taylor, I never met one in the UK but there seems to be many Taylors running around here in the suburbs in the 7-17 age range.

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    My worst pet peeve is boys names on girls. I know that's pretty popular nowadays, but I really, really, really hate it. I mean, there are SO many beautiful, feminine names out there, and you choose to name your daughter Elliott or Ashton? I mean, why?
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