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    I'm with you on that. I actually went to school with three sisters, all named Maggie (this was the first name of all three, and wasn't short for anything). That was the worst I've seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aggielou View Post
    I'm with you on that. I actually went to school with three sisters, all named Maggie (this was the first name of all three, and wasn't short for anything). That was the worst I've seen.
    I wonder what the parents were thinking...or if they were even thinking at all? Is is a lack of imagination or just plain laziness on their part? I don't understand their logic. What a wasted opportunity. The name nerd in me is fuming right now!
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    My biggest pet peeve is when people call eachother 'Baby' without being one. I mean its just so annoying. For example, "Oh baby! I missed you too." or "Hey baby." Ugh!
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    The situation Mischa mentioned of reusing Mary or Maria isn't punishable to me either, it's just a cultural thing. Name police, yes! And even quotas

    The George Foreman one is ridiculous. Is it not confusing? Same with people named Robert Roberts, Michael Michaels, etc. Why on earth would you do that?

    Or really similar names. I know a J0n (whose full name is Jonath0n), whose sisters are J@ne, Anne and Gilli@n. He doesn't seem to mind but I find it ridiculous, though I like the names individually.

    I know it was tradition back then but I hate how so many English/British monarchs named their kids after themselves, makes it really hard to keep track which is which.

    I came across a blog this morning by a girl named Erin Ireland (first and last). Not sure if that's a pseudonym, in which case well at least it's memorable. If that's her given name... did her parents really not realize that Erin and Ireland mean the same thing?!
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    Maggie...Maggie...and I don't think I can even begin to imagine that! Although, my own grandmother recycled names;

    Valerie Anne is my grandmother
    Victoria Anne Margaret is my aunty (my mum's 2nd eldest sister)
    Elizabeth Ann Valerie is my mum


    Belinda Mary Jane (eldest aunt who we no longer include as family but ho hey)
    Virginia Claire Rosemary

    To this day, my mum and I don't know what possessed my grandparents to choose those. We could ask my grandmother, but, I'm fairly certain it was my grandfather's idea.

    I think another for me is my cousin's name - Meghan Anne. Why not just name her Meg Anne in that case?
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