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    Are blue and pink the boy and girl colors in your country?

    When I was visiting a friend in London, I happened to mention that all baby girl clothes for sale in America were pink or purple. She said she was surprised, because pink and YELLOW are the girls' colors in England, and "aubergine" isn't feminine at all. (Blue, she agreed, was still boys.)

    This got me thinking... are pink and purple for girls everywhere else? And blue for boys? I'm totally intrigued. I know in the 1800s it was reversed - pink for boys and blue for girls - so maybe that didn't reverse everywhere?

    This isn't really about names, but I knew you guys would help me out. Also, if you are British, and you think my friend is mistaken, feel free to say so.

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    I just checked a few Canadian baby sites to look at the clothes they offer for each gender, the main colours for each store's holiday gift guide/winter collection were:

    The Children's Place Canada:

    Girls: dark pink
    Boys: dark blue & grey

    Old Navy Canada:

    Girls: pink, turquoise, cream & light grey

    Boys: blue, green, orange

    Gap Kids Canada:

    Girls: pink, turquoise, mint/sea green, white, cream, light grey

    Boys: blue, grey, black & beige

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    Ooh I love this conversation! I've awlays wondered that as well.
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    Are you referring to layettes? I've never seen them in purple. I've only seen:

    girls= pink
    boys= blue, sometimes dark brown
    unisex= yellow, green, beige

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    Nat108 - not necessarily layettes. Just "the colors" for boys and girls. In America, it is well-established that girl stuff, from clothes to toys to paint on walls, is more often than not pink or purple. Boy stuff is generally blue, but they are allowed a bit more variation. For instance, if my daughter ISN'T wearing pink or purple - if she's wearing gray or red or black - people assume she's a boy.

    (I'm pretty anti the pink and purple thing myself, but it certainly is a cultural thing in America.)

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