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    thoughts on Ivory?

    My sister is considering this name for her daughter and I'm torn. I really want to be supportive of the name she likes but i just have a big meh reaction to her choices lately. Especially Ivory.

    What do you guys think? When i first heard it, my immediate thoughts were about white supremacy and elephant poaching. But i mentioned that to a friend who insisted Ivory was delicate and vintage and lace-like. For her it brought up images of vintage wallpaper and cameo necklaces.

    So...what do you guys think? Can Ivory work? Am i being too judgy? Help me love Ivory.
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    I'm on your side. Ivory sounds pretty (it's very similar to Ivy) but it doesn't bring up positive images for me. Whenever I hear the name Ivory, I hear the song Ebony and Ivory playing in my head. It's definitely not a favorite of mine.

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    Yeah, I'm on your side, too. Just reading the title of your post (before I read what you had to say), I immediately thought - ugh, elephant poaching and white supremacy!! Not positive images to be associated with a name. Or the expression "tickling the ivories." Ew, weird. Oh, and isn't there a soap called Ivory? If she likes Ivory, why not suggest Ivy or Iris? Both vintage-y, both unique, both "thing" names (in this case, plants rather than elephant tusks...). Or if she likes the white theme, what about Bianca? Sounds vintage-y and unique, and no elephant poaching involved. Or Emory, Ellery? It has a similar sound to Ivory. Or if she's into the 'v' sound, how about Ever? Really, anything but Ivory would probably be a step up.

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    I will answer as an Ebony. It sounds great in theory but I always get Ebony and Ivory sung to me and its always one line. Its considered lower class and trashy in the US and UK and I'm sure Ivory would too. I do love my name and an Ivory could always go by Ivy.
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    I agree with you. Also, I think of Ivory brand soap. I don't think it is usable.
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