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    If you are interested in naming your child from the periodic table, or just want a name that sounds like an element, there here is a list. The strongest contenders in my mind are...

    Cerium- Named after Ceres the goddess of agriculture.
    Thorium- Named after the Norse god Thor
    Uranium- Named after Uranus
    Neptunium- Named for Neptune
    Plutonium- Elysium and Plutonium seem to match a bit to me.
    Titanium- Named for Titans she would even have a song about her.
    Indium- Named for it's indigo blue color.
    Iridium- Named for the Goddess Iris.
    Finally Europium- Named after Europe, which in turn was named after Europa.

    Good luck.
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    This thread is so much fun! Oceansunrise you MUST let us know which one you choose! We all have a horse in this race!!

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    BlackCatsMeow ~

    What a great & unique collection

    Cerium- Ooohh I like it!
    Thorium- mmm no
    Uranium- ditto
    Neptunium- Very nice...
    Plutonium- too nuclear in association
    Titanium- like it!
    Indium- pretty...
    Iridium- also very pretty...
    Europium - I like this...have never seen this name before, cheers !!

    Raindaygarden ~

    Gosh, I just love your moniker, I know I've said it before but it's such a refreshing name to conjures so many nice feelings...

    And thanx for your lovely post, I just hope my announcement isn't too anti-climactic lol!!!
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    Not sure if they've been treated but how about Harmony, Athena, Luna?

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    Strong female name enthusiast

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