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    Favorite nickname for classic Elizabeth!

    Aww, Elizabeth...the little black dress of names! I have loved this name my entire life, it's a family name but not too close to where I can't use it as a full name. Hubby is set on having a nickname though so I need your help! First DD is Sophia nn Fifi. Her nn is only a family 'pet name' so no one else calls her this...just her daddy and I mostly. We want the same type of nn for Elizabeth. I want to avoid's ok, just not my style and so expected. She isn't even here yet and people already want to call her Lizzy. :-/ I like Essie...I started calling Bessie and it ran into Essie. Also , I was calling her Bethy and that ran into Effy. I think Essie and Effy are more what we are looking for...sweet, vintage feeling family pet name. Others in the family have picked up on Sophia's nn and call her Fifi, but like I said....she is not known for it outside of family. The same will be for Elizabeth. We will always use her full name, but want a sweet nn to complement her sisters. What are your thoughts of Essie and Effy? They feel natural to me but I look at names different that most of my family! Lol! Thanks!

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    Essie and Effy are very cute. I prefer Essie in general and also because it sounds more related to Elizabeth. Effy is a bit more of a stretch and is too close to Fifi for me. I do love Beth, but just Beth. Bethy, although adorable in writing, to me sounds like someone with a lisp saying Bessie. Have you ever thought about Elsie or Libby? I love Libby and think it has the same sweet cuteness as Fifi does.
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    How about sweet Bess? Or Bessie?

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    I love Elizabeth, but with this spelling Elisabeth. The nn I'll use if I have an Elisabeth is ELSIE. I love it.
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    I like Essie. Very cute pet name! Not so fond of Effy. Mostly because every time I say it outloud I hear iffy. As in, I feel iffy (undecided) about ordering dessert.
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